How Field Service Automation Will Alter the Industry Landscape

There is a giant field service industry out there – it’s huge in size with 20 million technicians and is growing at an unprecedented pace. It enables the deliverance of fast, smart, and personalized service to clients across the globe. Like all other areas, field service innovators are also constantly on the lookout to utilize […]
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4 Ways Through Which Social Media Could Help Grow Your Brand

There are over 3.4 billion social media users who are divided across multiple social media platforms. The high interest in the platform offers marketers the ability to reach large audiences, which could help increase brand awareness and help you achieve some social media marketing goals. You need to set up a social media page for […]
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7 Services to Help Save Your Business Money

Paying for a service may sound counterintuitive when you are trying to save your business money. But that isn’t always the case. There are some services that work as effective cost-saving measures. Some work by helping you stay more productive at work while others work by freeing up more time in your day – time […]
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Use This Military Strategy to Crush Your Competition

What can the military teach a business owner about crushing the competition? Everything! The military has particular expertise in an area that translates well to marketing: intelligence. The Free Dictionary defines military intelligence as “An agency of the armed forces that procures, analyzes, and uses information of tactical and strategic military value.” Intelligence is necessary […]
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How to Write an Outstanding Email Sequence That Sells

We all want to write great email sequences to connect with your audiences and to sell our stuff. But with shortening attention spans and increasing competition, modern marketers have a limited window to influence and convince leads to buy from them. Email marketing is the Knight in the Shining Armor for your digital marketing toolkit. […]
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The Importance of Mobile Apps for E-Commerce Businesses

In simple words, e-commerce business is the online presence of a store that runs business transactions over the internet. With an extending internet audience, the development of e-commerce business has shaped the online shopping behaviors of both customers and retailers. It has opened new possibilities for business expansion and growth with smooth customer experience. Originally, online trade […]
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Simple Understanding of the Complexities of IBC

  Insolvency and bankruptcy Code (IBC) came as a ray of sunshine of hope for foreign investors who have always wanted to dip their toes in the Indian startup market “pond”, but couldn’t do it. The reason for this apprehension was the long and tedious method of retrieving the invested money if the company that […]
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Top 10 Mac Apps Everyone Should Be Using for Business

Every day we perform certain tasks and set new goals for ourselves. To keep all these things in your head is rather difficult and to tell the truth, in the era of modern technologies is rather silly. It is a well-known statement that “Time is money” and in the world of business, time means everything. […]
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Top 5 Security Concerns for Business Website Hosting

When it comes to security, the impact on businesses is far greater than that of normal website owners. Any issues arising from security breaches and the like can turn out to be a nightmare. From stolen data to exploited servers, there can be lots of security concerns. Businesses need to know clearly the key security […]
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