Nonprofit Website Building Tips

Nonprofit Website Dos and Don’ts: 8 Website Building Tips

In today’s day and age, the power of a strong internet presence cannot be overlooked or ignored. Most people get their information and news from their phones and laptops, so it only makes sense that your nonprofit needs to take advantage of web-based opportunities to reach your audience. You work at your organization because you […]
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Ways to Outsource your Accounting

Ways to Outsource your Accounting

Having clear and straight business accounts has become the need of the time. Businesses who really want to succeed in all their functions must master in the accounting and bookkeeping functions of their company. For running a company successfully, it must be made sure that all the associated functions are running parallel. If the company […]
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Tips To Efficient Monitoring of Business Competitors

Tips To Efficient Monitoring of Business Competitors

Tips To Efficient Monitoring of Business Competitors Monitoring your competitors’ businesses should be on top of your agenda if you are to be equally competitive. Changes in the market are inevitable and any move by other players shouldn’t surprise you as long as you are braced for it.   Competitive analysis helps you assess any […]
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Artificial Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing (and How To Take Advantage)

From Siri and Alexa to intelligent vehicles and Barbie dolls, that converse with children, Artifical Intelligence is everywhere. It has revolutionized industries like manufacturing and retail operations and tremendously improved their output and productivity. And now it’s making an impact on the digital marketing world. If you’re not sure what AI is, let me describe […]
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optimize magento website

How to Optimize Your Newly Migrated Magento 2 Site

If you have heard this once, then you’ve most likely heard it a thousand times: Support for Magento 1 is ending soon and a Magento 2 Migration is all but inevitable. If you haven’t migrated your eCommerce store to Magento 2 yet, you do so before June 2020. That is when Magento 1 support will […]
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Keep Calm When You're Day Trading

How to Keep Calm When You’re Day Trading

At first glance, day trading can seem like a very exciting and fun way to spend your hours. All you need to do is invest your cash in the most promising-looking stocks and wait for your money to increase. Of course, there’s a lot more to day trading than clicking on buttons and making lots […]
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B Corp Certification

Does it Pay to Get B Corp Certification?

Sustainability in business is no longer a niche concern for focused environmental enterprises. With the global awareness of humanity’s impact on our natural environment, more and more people are making their product choices based on the green credentials of the business. Traditionally, the businesses are driven by the rat-race of money-making, but the trend is […]
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VR Will Be Indispensable for Business

Soon VR Will Be Indispensable for Business

Whatever industry you’re in, virtual reality (VR) is coming your way. Sure, the impact on the video game industry hasn’t been as big as initial estimates predicted. But more and more companies, from Fortune 500’s like WalMart and Ford to small businesses, are finding impressive ways to use VR. There are a host of benefits […]
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10 Financial Choices that You Will Regret in 10 Years

All of us look forward to financial stability, and we deploy different methods to achieve it. Despite, most of us make financial choices that we might regret after 10 years or less. Understandably, some of these mistakes are common. Majority of people, regardless of their location, try to prevent such choices. Yet, there are myriad […]
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