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Features You Need to Include Before Building a Doctor-Patient Consultation App

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Almost the entire sectors have been taken over by on-demand services, why not the healthcare industry?

Does on-demand technology work for healthcare services?

Oh yeah, that’s where we see the growth of consultation app across the industries and market.

With the rise of the consultation app, there’s a way out for patients to get rid of annoying queues and time consumed in waiting halls. The app helps them to instantly book appointments, review the location, and schedule it based on their time.

The Significance of Doctor-Patient Consultation Apps

The importance of the app certainly depends on the usage and demand of patients. To give you a fact about its importance, here’s the report from analytical firm IHS that the Doctors’ Virtual consultation will rise to nearly 27 million in the U.S market.

The healthcare plans and organizations see a way for patients to get highly effective care and avoid expensive trip from hometown to the hospitals. The total number of virtual doctor consultations is growing at 10% a year, with almost 16.6 million, which is projected to hit 26.9 million.

Before getting into the main surgery room (consultation app), let’s take you around the scanning rooms (basic features of the app).  

Basic Features Available in a Doctor-Patient Consultation App

  • Discovering doctors based on your geographical areas.
  • Modification, booking appointments, and scheduling of doctors based on the time availability.
  • Reminder notifications on prescriptions and appointments.
  • Downloading of medical reports such as X-rays, MRI scans, etc.
  • In-app map integration to provide a route to doctors and hospitals.
  • Ordering of medicines directly from the app.

Apart from these basic features, right from scheduling, booking, and consulting doctor in-person, why not to have immediate treatment to patients directly from their couch?

Doctor-patient consultation should go on-demand as the industries are evolving, and patients are expecting an instant solution.

More Than Booking & Scheduling, Add Real-Time Interaction Possibility to Your Doctor-Patient Consultation App

The Doctor-patient consultation app is meant to provide more than just appointments and discoverability; creating a communication opportunity for patients and doctors to interact a significant functionality every healthcare consultation app must possess. There are undoubtedly several communication channels available in the market that could favor the doctor-patient consultation apps worth.

Going Instant & Real-time
An instant chat between doctor and patient could save quite a lot of time consumed in travel and cost. Chat integration within the healthcare consultation app will help patients to get immediate treatment to their problems right from their home. With IM, patients can avail direct contact & chat with physicians and doctors during emergencies.

Virtual Communication Offers Personalization

Video and Audio chats can be an asset to the consultation app, which has the potentiality to bring patients and doctors into a closed contact. A video call with the doctor will give the impact of a personal visit to patients and increase the patient experience as well. Ultimately, quality treatment is acquired with a reduction in time and cost.

All credits to WebRTC and SIP technology for offering high-quality video experience and voice quality right from their mobile and desktop.

Sharing is Caring

File sharing is another great feature that lets patients share X-rays, prescriptions, and other medical reports seamlessly to take the treatment further. A HIPAA Compliant file sharing feature is the most secure functionality in storing and sharing important files across the cloud.

Enlightening & Training Millennials 

Medical training happens in a meeting room, where all the doctors and staff reside in the same area. Doctors might have put the treatments aside temporarily for the discussion. Doctors and specialists can sit within their office and host video conferencing to other doctors and communities to bring healthcare awareness. Medical training and treatments about serious diseases can be shared through video conferencing right from any PCs, Android, or iOS devices.

How These Features Will Help Doctor-patient Consultation Apps To Go Global?

A customizable chat channel into a healthcare consultation app that could yield better user retention and profit to doctor-patient consultation app owners. The real-time features within the consultation app increase the worth and offer sufficient benefits to patients. As a result, the business value.

Here are some genuine benefits that doctors and patients can experience real-time communication into a healthcare consultation app:

  • It enhances treatment efficacy and personal care to patients.
  • Saves every penny and quite a lot of time consumed in travel to the hospital or clinic to patients and doctors as well.
  • Centralized collaboration increases the communication between medical staff and ground staff.
  • Reduces phone tracking to save backups of the patients’ treatment.
  • Reduces quite a lot of money spent on hospital telecommunication, where SIP calling comes into play.

Some effectual benefits that Doctor-patient consultation apps could experience:

  • The integration of multiple chat channels increases patient engagement, which, in result increases the engagement of the consultation app.
  • With instant treatment advice to problems, the retention of the consultation app increases and the chances of users into subscriber rate multiples.

Wrapping Up

Creating a connected healthcare ecosystem is the ideal mission for every healthcare organization. The same applies to doctor-patient consultation apps, where seamless communication between doctors and patients increases the worth of consultation apps that creates the opportunity for patients to land on the ideal platform. A real-time messaging feature increases the accuracy and chance of appointment bookings and scheduling in a doctor-patient consultation app.


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