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4 New Strategies Revealed by Facebook to Tweak Your Ads During COVID-19

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Facebook is one of the best marketing tools available to any business. Almost every person on the planet uses Facebook. That means reaching out to the target market has the highest success rate when it is done through Facebook ads. The success rates are so high that more than 90% of all businesses worldwide advertise on Facebook. More than 60% of them increase their budget for Facebook advertising every year.

With the advent of COVID-19, almost all aspects of our everyday life have changed. Most businesses have been affected by the virus one way or another. The challenging market dynamics during the pandemic has forced every company to rethink their marketing strategy and budget. They have been forced to reconsider which digital marketing strategies are going to be most effective. They want to choose the channels that provide the highest return on investment. A lot of businesses are using tests to understand if Facebook ads have the same effectiveness as before.

One downside about Facebook is that they keep changing their algorithms, which affect the organic reach of businesses. That is why it is essential to consult a Facebook ads agency to draw up an effective strategy for social media marketing. These strategies can help you tweak your ads and meet the needs of your customers during the pandemic.  More than 91% of people still expected to see advertisements from their favorite brands on Facebook and social media during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Facebook has recently revealed four new strategies to help advertisers. These strategies are meant to help businesses and their advertising agency to understand the performance of digital ads. These strategies can also prove helpful in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising.

Simplification of Digital Marketing Strategy

During the pandemic, there has been a major shift in customer behavior and demands. Meeting these demands is not only a requirement for competition but for survival. Businesses and their Facebook advertising agency must understand how to create an impression on these needs through Facebook and Instagram advertising. Facebook is urging companies to modify their present approach by simplifying it. Measuring the data acquired from the tests should be used to redevelop a strategy to maximize impact. In other words, Facebook is telling businesses and agencies not to make assumptions about the target market dynamics. Instead, they should use simple methods, test those methods, and tweak them according to the results.

Re-Evaluate the Tests

Keeping the tests constant to evaluate the strategies might not yield the optimal results. The tests might not take into consideration the latest market fluctuations caused by the pandemic. Market dynamics and trends are extremely volatile these days and can be affected by the slightest change in conditions. That is why it is essential to conduct studies to understand the latest changes in the target market behavior. The target market should also get segregated according to various factors such as spending capacity, region, preference of products, so on and so forth. While some generalized test categories might still yield desired results, others might need to get tweaked according to the current market situation.

Use A/B and Multi-Cell Tests for Immediate Results

If you need quick results to optimize your strategies, you can use A/B tests on Facebook. There are several ways to create an A/B test with multiple choices of variables such as your ad content, target audience, placement of the ad, so on and so forth. It will help you to modify your ad to suit the requirements of your target market affected by the current fluctuations. These tests can be particularly effective for a short term ad campaign or other advertising goals. But it is best to consult with a professional marketing agency before you think of applying the results to tweak your long term strategies. In any case, these tests should be re-evaluated from time to time to deduce the best performing strategy.

Consider the Impacts of the Pandemic on Your Industry

Even though every industry has been affected by the pandemic, the nature and severity of the impact are varied. While the tourism industry has been affected adversely and severely, hotels and restaurants are still operating and delivering food to their customers. The eCommerce industry has seen a boom during the pandemic, but the customers have shifted their focus from fashion to consumer electronics, hobbies, and entertainment. That means no perfectly suited approach can get applied to all kinds of industries. You will have to tailor your strategies dynamically to meet the variable marketing conditions during the pandemic. Use adaptive measures to tweak your ads and digital marketing strategies to meet your customer’s expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check with your digital content marketing or Facebook ad agency to understand how you can come up with generalized as well as specific tests to tweak your ads. You can also learn about well-established practices to meet the industry-specific expectations of the consumers.

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