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7 Business to Start as a Self-Employed Individual in 2019

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Businesses to start in 2019 with growth potential as a self-employed individual

Self-employment is in high demand due to its flexibility and freedom, therefore more and more people are becoming self-employed and a large number of freelance businesses are emerging in the market every year.
If you are thinking about starting a business as a self-employed individual and do not know what to do, these 7 business ideas might get your juices flowing

1.Bookkeeping Services

If you are from an accounting background, you should try working as a freelance bookkeeper and provide bookkeeping services to accountantsaccounting firms or businesses directly.

Typical bookkeeping services require the recording of all the financial transactions incurred within a company, organizing and storing these, which are then used to prepare accounts and submit other compliance documents.

The unprecedented increase in the number of startups in the UK has increased the competition and as a result, small businesses find it very hard to keep up with their bookkeeping, due to lack of time. By taking on this opportunity, you can make a good sum of money by providing high-quality bookkeeping services to a number of businesses.

2.Software and Mobile App Development

Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Twitter began their journey by developing a simple application that evolved over time with more features and functionalities, leading them to become market leaders.

Keeping such success stories in mind, more companies are now increasingly shifting their attention towards developing mobile apps as a business model, as more and more users are moving from desktops to their smartphones. It is projected that by 2020, there will be around 2.87 billion smartphone users around the world.

With such a huge increase in the number of mobile users, it would be wise to pay more attention to developing mobile applications that best serve the needs of a user or an organization. There are a number of companies that will help you create mobile apps with a simple drag and drop methodology, without any development experience as such.

3.Social Media Consultancy

The internet landscape is changing, and businesses are gradually realizing the importance and impact of social media in the business world. This has resulted in companies hiring specialists who can help them establish their brand in the digital market through the effective use of social media.

Companies are looking for extremely creative and tech-savvy individuals, who also have the capability to easily engage their target audience.

Not only businesses such as retailers, lawyers or accountants but even politicians these days are on the lookout for good social media consultants to improve their presence online.

It is advisable that you go for niche social media consulting, that is if you have expertise in handling a certain social media platform or a specific industry.

As 2019 approaches to an end,  social media consulting has increasingly improved its popularity among the young self-employed individuals and it is expected that by 2020, social media consultancy will definitely be one of the hottest business options to pursue.


The concept of minimalism is becoming increasingly popular and a number of people have already started embracing and implementing this concept in their lives. They want to downsize, get rid of all their extra possessions to improve control over their lives.

If you are someone who loves order, you can capitalize on this opportunity by providing services to those individuals who are desperately trying to get rid of their possessions in a structured and planned way to help them create more space and reduce the clutter in their life, to become more productive and relaxed. You can make good money helping your clients develop a method through which they can practice minimalism and help them create order from their chaos.

Self-Employed Startups

5.Content marketing for Small Businesses

The dynamics of marketing have changed over the last decade with content marketing as the key component of digital marketing strategy. Businesses use expertly written content to showcase their expertise and skills within the industry.

This brings about the opportunity to earn money by helping businesses generate leads and improve brand image through expert content which can be in the form of articles, images, videos, etc.

Every business big or small has some kind of online presence which has resulted in a high amount of competition within digital marketing.

6.Online Store

Every day a new internet business opens shop, some of which are e-commerce sellers. This is due to the ease with which one can start an online shop. All you need are products to sell and an online shop that can be built using ready-made tools like Shopify or using platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

If you have products to sell and are hesitating to sell online because you cannot decide between selling online or on the high street, you need to understand that online businesses are performing far better than struggling high street retailers. Just make sure you decide if you should sell as a self-employed individual or as a limited company based on business risk and liability.

7.Cryptocurrencies and Coin Mining

Cryptocurrency is one of the many products of the blockchain system that has become a popular phenomenon across the globe. Bitcoin is one example of such a cryptocurrency since bitcoin came into the market in 2009, a number of crypto traders have earned millions.

Cryptocurrency trading is a booming business and might be a good option to consider if you have the basic know-how. Read more about crypto basics here.

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