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Google AdWords: The Inside Scoop That Advertiser and Business Owners Should Know

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You’ve heard this buzzword from digital marketers over and over again. But do you really know what it means? Exactly. You are interacting with these ads for a long time now, and yet you have not understood what it’s all about and how it can help your business.

Many online advertisers and marketers like AdWords Agentur in Vienna have Google AdWords on their menu because they understand the power of Google and how to tap it. Lucky for you, we made this guide that will help you and other clueless beginners who are just starting with Google AdWords.

Welcome to Google AdWords 101. Here we’ll discuss a little background on how it came about, the basic principles of AdWords, and types of ads in a Google AdWords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform that allows you to display ads (text, graphics or videos) mainly on the Google search engine (and specialized platforms like YouTube or the PlayStore for mobile applications as well as a set of Google partner sites). Unlike traditional marketing (advertising in the press, on television or even advertising billboards for example), SEM (an acronym for Search Engine Marketing) allows you to target Internet users who potentially inform you of the interest in your products according to the words or expressions they type in their favorite search engine.

A Little Background

The textbook definition of Google AdWords is that it’s an online advertising service that is developed by Google to help marketers to reach their customers. It’s easy to identify them on your search engine results page. When you type a particular keyword, Google will list down the searches for you. If you look harder at the top and bottom of the results page, that is where those ads are.

How does Google AdWords work? The foundation of Google AdWords is the keyword. These keywords are defined or selected by advertisers.

With Google AdWords, the advertiser can choose their budget to create their ad, the location, or web pages where they want their ad to be displayed. They can also evaluate the impact of the result of your advertisement. The sky’s the limit for Google AdWords as advertisers can choose any amount they want to invest, and they can stop at any time too.

The Basic Principles of Google Adwords

For business owners and advertisers like AdWords Agentur, who are using AdWords, the first thing that they should understand is how this service works. You know by now that Google AdWords is a type of Pay-Per-Click marketing technique and the most popular at that.

Master the basics of creating and personalizing Google Search campaigns to show your ads to customers who are looking for the products or services you offer. Learn best practices for bid and keyword strategies, create effective text ads, and optimize campaign performance to achieve your marketing goals. Here are the basic principles behind it.

Bidding Strategies

Did you know that advertisers who want to use Google AdWords need to place their ads in Auctions that are run by Google? Before placing the ads in the auction, you need to select the bidding strategy for the following:

  • Cost-per-click – this strategy works well when you want to build traffic into your website because it focuses on getting clicks on the ads.
  • Cost-per-impression – it is a strategy that focuses on the number of times that the ad will show. This works when you want to build your brand name.
  • Cost-per-acquisition – you can use this strategy for conversion rates and works best when you are established advertisers and want to promote an increase in purchases.

Quality Score

Another fundamental principle that you have to keep in mind is the quality and relevance of your ad. Google measures this by checking if your ad is useful to your customers and if by clicking the ad will lead them to the page that they are looking for. Your ad should aim for a high-quality score because it will be good for your business.

Ad Rank

The ad rank is another vital principle in Google AdWords that you should keep in mind. It depends on the quality score and bid on your ad. The ads with the highest ad rank will be in the top position. You can improve the ad rank by doing the following:

  • Improving your landing page. It should be rich in information, easy to navigate, and has a transparent landing page.
  • Improve the expected CTR by improving the impressions of the ad, position of the ad, extensions, among others.
  • The relevance of the text and the message of the ad.
  • Your ad should be seen on all devices.
  • The campaign should target the geographical location and reach out to the target audience in the area.

Types of Ads in Google AdWords

Advertisers and business owners have different types of Google to choose from. Let us take a look at each of them.

  1. Search ads. When a user types something on Google, this is the type of ad that would appear at the top of the organic listing and marked with the word “ad.” It is the most common type of advertisement where the principles apply.
  2. Call-only ads, which are available only on mobile devices.
  3. Dynamic ads. The ad is more appropriate for businesses with well-managed websites.
  4. Mobile app promotion. It’s a unique ad used by businesses with mobile apps to encourage users to download their apps.
  5. Display Ads. These are the ads that appear when you are reading a post or viewing a video. Google decides on what ads to show based on audience, interest, and many more.
  6. Shopping Ads. These campaign types suit retailers who want to boost traffic to their website and gain quality leads that can increase conversions.
  7. 4.Video Ads. These are the ads that run on YouTube.
  8. Universal App Campaign. These types of ad campaigns are for business with a mobile app and promote it on PlayStore, YouTube, and Display.


Now that you have an idea of what Google AdWords is all about and the type of ads you can discuss with your advertiser to run, you can now start running your Google ads and improve your ROI. For more information, click here.


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