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How to Design Custom Phone Cases to Sell Online

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Who will become a great entrepreneur tomorrow? Perhaps nobody knows. It can be anyone, even you!

You do not necessarily need to attain a degree in business administration for running a business successfully and becoming a top-notch entrepreneur. A bunch of money and a hands-on experience of business operation could make you the next major player in your niche market.

However, it requires you to have a strong plan and the appetite to turn your dream into reality.  

Now you’ve made your mind to launch a custom phone case business, but don’t know how to begin building your empire. 

Don’t worry! I’ll guide you through the process. 

You might be hesitant, to begin with — I know that. It’s a very common mental status when someone considers launching a new business, especially when the entrepreneur has no prior relevant experience. 

There have been plenty of ifs and buts around the decision of launching a new business venture. Aspiring entrepreneurs are always doubtful of their success even if they have a fail-proof business plan. We’ll address this pain area of entrepreneurs who are all set to launch their online phone case business — from designing to selling.

When it comes to designing custom phone cases and selling them online, the chances of you becoming a successful entrepreneur is very high as it’s an emerging market where you can make your presence felt by customers very easily. 

As per the Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide today is over three billion and is forecasted to further increase by several million in the coming years.  Besides, people upgrade their phones regularly. Another stat states that people replace their old smartphones with new ones every 20-22 months — and they all need a new phone case.

But the best part of the custom phone case business is that you can start it with almost no investment. So, how to begin with? 

Here’s how you can start with:

Research to Find Your Niche

Who are all your target audience? Answer this question before you get started with designing and setting up an online store. You need to research and find out your niche market. It’s essential because you cannot compete with all. Narrow down your niche market to target them effectively. For instance, if your target audience is college students, your competitors will only those who are selling custom phone cases for them. This way, you can better target them by deigning cases that best suit this particular audience base. 

Also, focusing on a niche will help you rank better on search engines. Ranking with the keyword such as “phone cases” is next to impossible, especially when you’re a small and new player with a moderate marketing budget. But when you go more specific such as “college phone cases”, you may get ranked on the first page since there are very few competitors in the niche market. 

How to Design Custom Phones Cases on Your Own

Now that you’ve identified your niche, it’s time to design phone cases. If you’re a graphic designer and other essential things to design, it’s great! However, there are several online tools using which you can design on your own. Here they are:

Let your creative juices flow: If you’ve a creative frame of mind, take a good camera or your phone and click some awesome photos. This way, you can sell your photo rather than purchasing stock photos. Find out the photo that best suits your target audience and print it on your custom phone cases. It’s easy! You don’t need to create a design for your phone case.       

Designhill: This is an AI-powered custom phone case maker that lets you create a striking phone case in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a pro designer to design a professional-looking phone case. The dashboard of Designhill’s custom phone case maker is easy-to-use and anyone can use it for awesome phone case design.

Designhill is also a leading crowdsourcing platform where you can launch a phone case design contest and get dozens of submissions from designers across the world. Then you can choose one that you like most and reward the designer. You can also hire a professional graphic designer from here who will work on a one-on-one basis with you.

Fiverr: It’s yet another platform where you can hire a designer to work on your project. Click through the profiles of designers listed here, choose one whose design you like, read reviews and hire. That’s it! 

99designs: It works as a design crowdsourcing platform; you brief your design idea, set a budget and launch your design contest. Then, designers will participate in the contest, submit their designs, and finally, you’ll choose a design that best narrates your story. If none of the designs compels you, you can get your money back. 

Freelancer: Freelancing is yet another way to get custom phone designs. Some popular platforms where you can hire a freelance graphic designer for your custom phone case projects are — Designhill, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and Guru.

How to Launch an Online Store

You’ve got some stunning custom phone cases for your target audience which you want to sell online. There are several online platforms through which you can sell your phone cases. However, you can create your own website and promote it. But it’s not easy for you being a startup and many big players already present in the market. 

Then, which route is better? 

Creating an online store with platforms like PrintShop by Designhill or Printful as they are absolutely free. Just make your design and upload them to your online shop.  To open one such account with PrintShop, visit the site and upload your artworks. When someone likes your product and buys it, you get your money transferred into your account by the site. 

This platform gives you the freedom to set prices for your artworks. 

The Bottom Line

The custom phone case business has immense potential. If you pay your heed to these tips, you can make your presence felt by your target audience very easily. But like any other business, it too requires a solid plan, strategies, and passion to see it through.  


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