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The Benefits of Learning Advanced Excel

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Microsoft Excel is more than just a computer application. You can use it for a wide range of tasks, including the organization and presentation of data. While almost all of us have used Microsoft Excel in our lives, it is an important skill-set for working professionals to learn and implement.

Those who use Microsoft Excel regularly would be well aware of the software’s advantages. 

Those who KNOW Advanced Excel are able to manipulate data using Pivot tables, creating a Dashboard for visualization Charts. PowerBi is the next level visualization tool in Excel. It is something that adds a considerable amount of weight to your resume and gives you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Here are a few advantages of taking up Advanced Excel from a qualified and experienced instructor.

Having Excel Skills Is a Valuable Quality When Being Considered for a New Position

By having a greater understanding of Advanced Excel features like complex functions and analytical tools, you will ensure a greater chance of being considered for a new position. 

Save Time

If you run a small business, time is of the essence. Surrounding yourself with efficient staff is key. Excel is one of those skills that is applicable across many professions. It’s not just reserved for accountants as once thought. Often knowing the basics can save you the most time, like:

Right Mouse Clicking on the bottom left-hand corner where your sheets are. 

This produces a list of all the sheets. Select the sheet you wish to get to from the list and press enter. Bang! You’re there straight away.

Having an understanding of selection and navigation skills can speed up the manipulation of data.

Accounting Calculations

Having Excel skills is one of those valuable tools always required for professional growth. Learn Advanced Excel to manipulate data through Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

Understand how to make jobs quicker and more efficient by knowing Macros and VBA. Strategies using the What If Analysis tools like Goal Seek, Solver and Scenario Manager.

You get to learn the following skills:

Data, power query, tables & formatting

Conditional formatting

Advanced charting

Pivot Tables and reporting

VBA & Macros

Data tables, simulations & solver.

VLookup Functions:

The Vlookup function is the most popular function for comparing data. Taking a large raw set of data and refining it to a more manageable list to then create Pivot Tables and analyse data further. 

Think of the Vlookup as a glorified copy and paste tool. Find an invoice number in a list and return the outstanding amount.


The V in Vlookup stands for Vertical where the lookup value is located in the master list going down in one column.

When the lookup value data is located in one row then you will need the Hlookup. H stands for horizontal. The structure for a Vlookup is = Vlookup(lookupValue, table, column No, True/False). In an Hlookup, the only thing that changes is a column to row.

If this is still not doing the trick, you might consider learning Advanced Excel where you will learn about Index and Match functions.


Advanced Excel knowledge will add significantly to your present set of skills. Advance Excel knowledge can act as the perfect building block in your career. It is something that will provide you with long-term successful employment


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