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4 Reasons Artificial Intelligence is Nothing SaaS Marketers Should Fear

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You’ve heard the stories. Artificial Intelligence is taking over.

Although artificial intelligence, aka AI, has been around for a few years now, it’s still somewhat of a mystic phenom. Something that shows us a promising glimpse into the future. However, it’s also a concept that many marketers fear, particularly when it comes to a SaaS marketing plan.

If your one of these skeptics, no one can blame you. With several apps that can write anything from product descriptions to even full-blown blog posts, it’s reasonable to be concerned.

Nonetheless, out of the greatest uncertainties comes the greatest opportunities. It all comes down to how you perceive and use them. AI should be no different.

Here’s 4 reasons AI should be viewed as a tool that can make your business prosper rather than a setback.


#1. AI will Take the Guess Work Out of PPC Advertising.

It’s ancient knowledge that you have to advertise what you are promoting. In recent times, however, advertising your brand (in a sea of them) has become nothing short of a full-time job itself.

ppc advertisement

PPC campaigns have become a faster and alternative approach to the more organic, but slower, Search Engine Optimization and A/B testing .

With more efficiency, nonetheless, comes more barriers.

The internet honors integrity when it comes to personal advertisements. There’s nothing wrong with that – but apps and browser extensions will block your efforts to reach your audience. Thus, this will impact your SaaS marketing plan – research firm Ovum discovered ad blocking potentially cost brands up to $78 billion during 2020.

However, you can’t let this stop you from resonating with each customer during their stage of the buyer’s journey, and AI can ease the burden of making this happen.

Just think about this: for PPC to bring your business the most ROI, it has to hit the right segment at the right time. Since AI can track what users are searching for, it can come up with the right keywords so users can find your ad while they are searching for the product you offer.

Who knows? Your team may even catch some dry spots (other advertising channels besides Facebook and Google) you might have missed. AI platforms such as Acquisio helps countless business (like Google Ads) seamlessly integrate PPC into their marketing strategy.

Now, you don’t have to worry about constantly engaging your customer because artificial intelligence is weeding out what is personally interesting to each individual customer.

With AI painting a more accurate picture of what your audience wants, you can have more free time to, well, work on your brand.


#2. Your Emails will Make Users Feel More at Home.

This phrase is like a broken recorder, but it’s worth reiterating.

Email marketing is the lead channel for conversions with an average ROI of 38 to 44%. This is great, but greater is the pressure.

Since the average click rate is only about 21%, what you say has to count. And no matter how much your team tries to send different emails to each customer segment, you as a human will never have the time to send a personalized email to every user.

After all, personalized emails have conversion rates up to six times higher, but over 60% of brands do not capitalize on this.

AI can help. As previously stated, AI closely tracks your customer’s online personality. Algorithms have you covered from the email and website browsing to their interactions with your blogs and other content. It will then put a personable spin on the customer’s content bases on their current preferences.

With a little help from AI’s intuition, most customers will be happily engaged with your brand – fine-tuning your SaaS marketing plan.


#3. Artificial Intelligence is Perfecting Customer Personas.

If you want your SaaS Marketing plan to be impactful, your audience has to trust you.

How can they trust you? They have to feel like they know you.

In fact, your audience expects you to know them. According to Instapage,

  • Over 60% of consumers can’t stand generic advertisements and messages.
  • Nearly 80% of consumers are more likely to check out an offer if it reflects previous encounters the consumer has had with the business.

Whether the facts are surprising or not, you (as a consumer yourself) know they are true. The problem is, your business has little to no time to get to know every user that comes across your email or site.

This is how AI can save the day. The intelligence and machine learning AI has will not only continually get to know your customer, but it will create the user experience that will effortlessly convince them to become involved with your brand. This is the same market ecosystem solution that Speciate AI has offered over a thousand companies. They use artificial intelligence to turn threats of disruptive hard science and digital technologies into opportunities.

Take it from Amazon Web Services who solidified personalization’s importance when it created Amazon Personalize.

The bottom line is one-on-one content lets your audience know you are a business they can trust. AI can give you the upper hand in creating these lasting impressions and connections.


#4. Your Products will Become Accurately (but Reasonably) Priced.

Let’s face it. Nothing in business is easy, especially when it comes to pricing things. You don’t want to sell your product short, but you don’t want to be so pricy that you have prospects running for the door.

Once again, artificial intelligence is taking the guesswork out. This is because products are priced based on current conditions.

Current conditions can mean

  • the season,
  • popularity,
  • age of the product,
  • customer’s profile,

and the list goes on.

Look at an NBA game’s prices for example. You see the price for a seat at a game set a month from now. You go back to the seat two weeks later and discovered the prices went up hundreds of dollars.

On the flip side, H&M has a pair of work pants for $40 dollars. Three weeks later, it was marked down to half off.

That, my friend, is AI-based pricing at work.

If you allow the algorithms to determine true market conditions, your brand can be assured it is getting a bang for its buck. You are also eliminating prices defeating your SaaS Marketing plan before you can show what you have to offer.


Let’s wrap it up:

Although it sounds like humans will be replaced, have no fear. Artificial Intelligence is taking the burden out of your marketing efforts. With intelligence designed to assess current audience behaviors and market conditions, AI is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. A force that will turn your business into a true 21st Century marketer.


How do you think Artificial Intelligence can spruce up your marketing efforts? Let me know below!

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