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Why Does Your B2B Company Need A Blog?

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“Why do you need to create a blog for our company, we are B2B, nobody is interested!” This is probably the answer you get from your boss when you are told the idea of embarking on the blogosphere. Do not panic. Here are some ideas to convince him otherwise. We worked on the subject and here is why it’s a good idea to create a blog for your B2B business.

Because a blog generates leads

So yes, creating your business blog will help you generate qualified leads. How? Based on the mechanics of Inbound Marketing, you will attract qualified traffic that you will convert through calls-to-action. It could be a white paper download or registering for a webinar. The thing is to collect the coordinates of interest in what you do online!

I believe that the following figures speak for themselves:

  • Companies that blog 15 posts or more per month draw 5 times more traffic than companies that do not blog.
  • A company will see its traffic increase by 45% if it publishes 21 to 50 posts instead of 11 to 20 posts.
  • And my favorite: B2B companies that blog 1-2 times per month generate 70% more leads than those who do not blog.

Increase opportunities to be found on the Internet

To attract readers, you’ll have to write things… And it’s by writing articles dealing with topics that solve problems for your customers, trends in your industry or topics that interest your target audience, you will become an authoritative source of information on more and more topics.

The goal? Finding the right keywords for your products to appear in the top results on Google when users type their searches. It is through this approach you will attract qualified traffic!

It is much easier to write a blog post than to create a new web page on your site: Where to put it? How to reattach the right category? Do the templates matche the message you want to convey?

Current CMS like WordPress, allows you to easily and quickly create a new section by focusing on the essentials: content.

Since it is so simple, it can bounce on the news in the blink of an eye, manage events as they emerge, publish interviews, etc. but beware, on a blog, remember that we are talking very little about ourselves (20%) and a lot about our area of expertise (80%).

Give a human face to your business

Through the blog, you will be able to give a more human face to the company. It will actually give it a personality, even several personalities aligned with those of the authors. Also you must understand the importance of the choice of authors for the success of a blog. Through the articles, the user will perceive the person behind the computer and the informal tone will reinforce the idea of talking to someone, not a logo.

It’s highly recommended to use the first person singular form from time to time or even find humor. The main thing is simply to give life to your blog!

Google loves blogs, so you must too

The great challenge of the Internet lies in discovering whether or not your website is for the users. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing the basics of SEO. One of the (many) features about this is that our good friend Google likes to find fresh content. So the more you post, the more you will achieve, you will be better positioned on the search engine.

To show your expertise and establish an influence

Writing about topics related to your business, you demonstrate your knowledge and you will gradually gain notoriety. If a user requests a search and find your blog placed high on Google, it will begin to think that you are quite hefty on the subject!

With the help of social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook…), you will share your content and expand your influence. Being part of an online community is logical since you can discuss topics that interest you and you care about.

Dialogue with your target customers

When you open a space for dialogue this will not allow disgruntled customers or competitors to unleash their criticism against you… They can already do so but you have cons on your side, you can consider constructive criticism to improve your services. And trust your users, they know the difference between a bad person and a person.

Do not forget to ask yourself one key question: what is the purpose of your digital strategy (not just your blog)?

If you answered “it is to do like everyone else” or “because it’s fashionable” then you will miss a tool for generating effective leads. But if you answered “it is to gain visibility” or “to generate more leads,” now you have concrete arguments that will convince your boss to start a blog.

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