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Personality Traits of Successful Bloggers

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You should always bear in mind that there are a lot of people probably blogging about the same topics as you. When you trying to make a decision, some people have already taken that decision and are already making money. And no matter how hard you think you are trying, it seems you are still packed up with the majority of bloggers that do nothing but stand and wave goodbye to the sailors. But is it your intention to be like that? I guess not. Doesn’t that tell you that there is definitely something you are missing and thus have stayed behind?

The truth is that no novice knows everything about blogging, CMS, HTML, and SEO or promotion, traffic generation and social marketing. But yet few out of the millions of bloggers are super bloggers and their actions are quite different from that of the rest that keeps dreaming without the desired results. So, what is it that distinguishes those “go-getters” from the rest of the “losers”? Here is what I have found that successful bloggers have in common and what kind of traits you should develop:


Creating a blog and promoting it can really be a daunting task: very difficult and stressful, especially when there are no initial results. One thing to always remember and commit to memory as a blogger is that there is no such thing as an overnight success. You must, therefore, be persistent to keep writing and posting for months with less or no audience. Really not easy work, but it pays in the long run.

Good Planning

You can do everything at once, neither blog about everything at the same time. Planning and reinforcing strict measures to following your plans is a good attitude to adopt. Procrastination will always come in, but once you have set a goal to achieve in your blogging business for a day, do not go back on it.


Being humble will help you to inculcate the attitude of being ready to learn every time. No matter how long you think you have been around, you definitely do not know everything and needs to learn from others. But if you are not humble, you can’t do that. If you cannot learn, then you have started dying. Never allow this weakness to come in between your blogging business.


Being consistent in following your plans matters a lot and determines your success in the business. You must make sure you perform at least one task every day that will take you closer to your blogging goal. Stick to it and never give up.

Tactical And Analytical Approach

Successful bloggers always find a way to look beyond their limitations. When you look around, you discover certain factors, tools, and strategies that will help you. You must be very analytical and dynamic. Always be on the constant search for what works and try new things out. Open your mind to learning and adventure. If you have passion in what you do, it becomes less of work.

As in any offline business, online business has no difference in requirements in hard work and professionalism. After all, your attitude today will determine your altitude tomorrow.

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