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5 House Moving Hacks That Everyone Should Know

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Moving house is not something we look forward to, indeed, many homeowners find moving a daunting prospect, what with all the arrangements that have to be made. Making sure the two properties have the utilities turned off and on, canceling subscriptions, overseeing the removal team is just a few of the things you have to do, and if you are planning to move at some point in the future, here are a few moving hacks that everyone should know.

  1. Packing – If you take a leaf out of the professional removalist’s book, you can color code packing boxes, while also clearly printing the contents of each box, along with the room it needs to be unpacked in. This saves a lot of time when unpacking, as each box can be put into the corresponding room, and most removal companies will provide packing materials, whether you or the company are doing the packing. If you want a stress-free move, ask the professional movers to take care of the packing and you’ll be very glad that you did! Plus you are eliminating the risk of a slipped disc, or worse, as carrying heavy furniture can easily cause a nasty back injury, and the removal team takes the very best of care with your possessions and is fully insured for breakages.
  2. Hire a Small Skip – It doesn’t matter how tidy and organized your home is, there will be a lot of unwanted items when you’ve finished packing, and by hiring a small skip, you simply dump everything and it will be responsibly recycled or disposed of. Prior to the arrival of the skip, you can designate an area of your garden, where you can store unwanted items until the time comes to fill up the skip, then a quick call, and the waste will be responsibly disposed of.
  3. Bubble Wrap – This wonder material will protect your valuables when loading and unloading, and there are online suppliers who sell bubble wrap by the roll. It is easy to cut the bubble wrap into suitable squares, and with some sticky tape, you can protect valuable ornaments and other delicate items. When talking to Sydney furniture removals companies, ask them if they provide packing materials, as every good company would, and use bubble wrap for china and glass items, as well as delicate objects, which can first be placed in a small box, for added protection.
  4. Things to Do List – You need to create a list of things that need to be done. This might include having the utilities turned off at the old home while making sure they are connected when you arrive in the new dwelling. Any subscriptions you have need to be, either canceled, or inform the provider of your new address, plus you need to send an email to all the providers of essential domestic services, thanking them for their service and informing that you no longer live at this address. If the old dwelling is in need of a good clean, there are companies that will send out a team of professional house cleaners, and they can clean a house in a few hours, and if there are any special requirements at the new address, make sure you arrange them in advance by adding to the list.
  5. Container Removals – Rather than waiting for the truck or van to arrive and loading your possessions, have the removalist company leave an empty container at your home, then you can load things at your leisure, and when the day arrives, the provider sends a big truck to pick up the container and take it to your new address. There are two sizes for sea containers; 40ft and 20ft, and once you have the container in place, you can pack at your own pace, ready to be hooked up and taken to the new residence. This is the preferred moving tactic for long-haul interstate removals, and if you have a large family and home, a couple of containers might be required. If you would like to learn more about container removals, an online search will help you locate a local removal contractor, and he would have a range of services to offer his customers, including temporary storage and packing.

If you plan the operation and create specific lists, your removal project should be a stress-free experience, and with an established removal company in your corner, you are ready to begin an exciting new chapter of your life. Do remember to confirm dates with the removal company a few days prior to the move, as failure to do so could result in having the wait for another day.

Even if you have no plans to move at the present time, remember this article and it might just make the ordeal a little more bearable in the future.