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Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Get a Green Card?

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A green card is quite different from a visa but they are both important when you want to immigrate to the United States. A green card is a document issued to someone who wants to permanently live in the United States. It indicates that the holder resides there permanently and can lawfully work and travel anywhere within the United States.

You need a visa to immigrate to the United States but if you want to reside there permanently, you need a green card alongside the visa. To qualify for the green card, you must have gotten your immigrant visa. You can apply for a green card based on family, employment, marriage, humanitarian purpose, and so on.

An immigration lawyer is a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer that is quite familiar with issues pertaining to immigration. He assists clients to analyze strategies and help them go through every step of the immigration process. Your immigration lawyer will also crosscheck documents, organizes them, and makes sure the information filled in the documents are clear and accurate. However, the big question remains whether you need to ask a U.S immigration lawyer for help when are trying to get a Green card or not.

The truth is, hiring an immigration lawyer is not compulsory during the process of getting your Green Card. That is, if your papers and documents are all clear and you understand the process. In fact, in many cases, all your lawyer can do is prepare your paperwork and follow up your application with the consulate. They cannot attend interviews with you. If you are eligible and you have had no negative records with the immigration authorities, then you are dealing with a straightforward case that you should be able to handle on your own without a lawyer.


But be warned. Most people find this process quite complicated which is why hiring an immigration lawyer help. You should definitely get an immigration lawyer if:

●        You Can’t Figure Out Your Options

There are multiple ways to go about getting your US Green Card. For most people, navigating through these options and choosing which is likely to work can be difficult. If you have no idea where to start, then you can ask a U.S immigration lawyer to help you out.

●        You are Encountering Delays

Another situation that may require an immigration lawyer is when your green card application is being delayed due to some reasons. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) might fail to approve your application for reasons that may be unclear to you as an individual. But a lawyer familiar with immigration processes can easily find a way around these issues. Although lawyers have limited influence over the application and approval process, you’re likely to do better with one.

●        You are Inadmissible

This is a very crucial situation that most proposed immigrants encounter. The USCIS can claim that the immigrant is not eligible for the green card due to some reasons such as past crimes committed by the immigrant, or if the documents submitted do not contain accurate information. If you fall in this category, kindly ask a lawyer for what to do next.

●        You are Overwhelmed by the Paperwork

There are tons of forms and documents to fill as part of your application for permanent residency. It is okay to feel confused and overwhelmed. Also, you may simply not have the time to figure all of them out on your own. Hiring someone to look at them and break it down to you will make the process simpler. Also, these forms should be filled as accurately as possible. The slightest error on your form can lead to a delay or rejection. To avoid this, simply ask a lawyer to assist you. They have dealt with large amount of paperwork like this and already have a full grasp of the process.

Employers hoping to sponsor an employee’s green card application may also opt to hire a lawyer to help. Its tedious work and you may not be able to leave your business to attend to that. Consulting an immigration lawyer will make things a lot easier.

●        You Have a Case with the Immigration Court

In case you once had or you have an issue with the immigration court, you need to meet with an immigration lawyer because whatever decision to be taken is not in the hands of anybody but the court. Hiring a lawyer to help you work things out in such a situation will improve your chances.



Is hiring an immigration lawyer compulsory? Well, if you feel up to it, you can try navigating the process of getting your green card on your own. But considering how difficult doing so with your limited knowledge and experience can be, hiring a professional that is knowledgeable about the process is highly recommended.

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