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AI-Based Faceapp Mobile Application


The Pros and Cons of the AI-Based Faceapp Mobile Application

What is FaceApp? FaceApp is simply a mobile application made by a mobile application development company named wireless lab based in Russia. You can easily use FaceApp to transform faces present in images to make it smile, alter its age and change its gender accordingly. The most interesting thing about FaceApp is its ability to […]
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Why Kotlin Is in Looming Demand?

Java is the most widely used programming language for development of Android application. But that doesn’t mean java stays always the best. Now Java is bit old, verbose,  and has been slow to moderate and modernize. But now Kotlin is here for a better alternative. OpenJDK developers are beginning to cross over any gap with […]
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How to get app like Zomato? facts about Zomato funding

On-demand applications are currently in trend and when it comes to the food we all get one name in our mind is Zomato. Yes, Zomato is a big startup in the food industry. Zomato provides online food ordering, food delivery, restaurant information, food and reviewing feature and many more. We will cover all the feature […]
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Main Reasons Why Your Business Need Mobile Application

A Mobile strategy should include something more than a mobile-friendly website. Is it 100% true that you are under the feeling that huge & big mobile apps name brands should have mobile Google applications? In the past websites were seen as the same mobile apps and they have now transformed into a basic and essential […]
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