Thaddaeus Gardner

Top Reasons Why Every Agile Practitioner Must Get Certified In Agile ScrumMaster

  Does your work profile involve project management or software development? Then, there’s no doubt that you should pursue the Agile ScrumMaster certification. This is because executing the Agile methodology has proven highly beneficial for almost every type of company to get work done quickly, yet effectively. A survey published by PMI states that nearly […]
August 3, 2020 237 Reads share

7 Ways to Boost Sales and Customer Engagement on Your Website

In the last decade, customer choice burst in almost all sectors of the selling industry. From food to devices, clothing to cars, travel to pharmaceuticals, etc., people are drowning in the diversity of options. This variety has changed the business processes and clients’ attitudes. The customers are far educated about the products and services due […]
June 16, 2020 553 Reads share

How to Optimize Your Product Images to Boost Traffic and Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

When it comes to driving search traffic and improving conversion rates and sales for any eCommerce site, image optimization is one of the most vital yet neglected areas. Image Optimization In terms of search engine optimization, people mainly tend to think about backlinks, content, and keywords. Of course, these are all important areas. Nevertheless, there […]
February 27, 2020 780 Reads share

How to Deal With Legal Matters in an Organized Way

Most people spend the majority of their lives never having to deal with any serious legal matter until the day comes along when they must. Similar to everything else in the world that we are not accustomed to handling, it can feel very daunting to deal with major legal matters without experience. The good news […]
February 27, 2020 331 Reads share

How to Identify a Strong Expired Domain for SEO Growth Hacking

Expired domains – one hell of a head start, or something that should stay expired in the past. It’s a question asked by many SEO growth hackers who have pondered whether the link juice is worth the squeeze, and if so, how do you leverage it? The short answer is that expired domains can significantly […]
February 5, 2020 605 Reads share