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Top 5 Level Monitoring Solutions to Enhance Industrial Performance

IoT is growing at a faster pace and is expected to soon be accepted by every industry. Research states that with an extremely vast IoT market, the technology has the potential to create $4 trillion to $11 trillion by the year 2025, profiting all the sectors with automation and better productivity. Talking about diverse sectors, […]
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Benefits of a Smart Contract Solution in the Shipping Industry

These days, everything is transformed into a digital platform. If we talk about education, classes have turned to Smart Classes! If we talk about the documentation process, papers have been replaced by Smart Contracts! Defining a Smart Contract For example, if we compare these contracts with a vending machine; it is easier to drop a […]
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3 Benefits Industries Can Garner From Tank Level Monitoring Solutions

An industrial apparatus is made up of various assets and equipment ranging from conveyors to tools, machines, high-end robotics, and various other instruments. One other equipment that is quite rudimental in most industrial environments is a tank. In the form of totes, receptacles, or containers, tankers not only perform the task of storing fluids but […]
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Why IoT Is An Asset For Water Services?

If history is to be revisited, we can trace that the Romans constructed aqueducts to deliver water from faraway lands to their localities. With time, as the population increased, providing sufficient water of appropriate quality and quantity became complex. The water industry has faced challenges over the past few years. In all, if you are […]
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Drayage Management Challenges with IoT Technology

Overcome 5 Major Drayage Management Challenges with IoT Technology

Around 95% of all manufactured goods at one point in the supply chain are transported via a truck. This shows the dependency of industries on fleet services over a wide spectrum. In fact, in US alone, around 70 percent of all the freight is transported through trucks. Handling so many trucks can be difficult for […]
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IoT Driven Smart Contracts

Why are Modern Businesses Investing in IoT Driven Smart Contracts?

Starting off a business day with great gear and dusting off old business operational patterns are crucial for growth. With the growing competition, every business is trying hard to up its ante to make a mark in the volatile and ruthless marketplace. With the intention to have a great reputation in the market, it gets […]
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IoT and Hospitality Taking Guest Experience To A New Level

IoT and Hospitality: The Duo That’s Taking Guest Experience To A New Level

The Internet of Things (IoT) is identified as the ‘Third Wave of Innovation’ after the Industrial Evolution and Internet Revolution. According to a Statista report, the number of smart devices continues to increase. Hence, it is predicted that a whopping 42.62 Billion IoT enabled devices will be connected to the internet by 2022. Moreover, these […]
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Fleet Tracking: The Classified Action for Contemporary Business Progress

Businesses in the modern world face diverse challenges on a daily note. Several times it happens that despite investing in the best of plans and strategies, they end up getting a below-average return on investment. This definitely pulls the business spirits down. The businesses not only question their ability but also keep on wondering what […]
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Future of IoT in Oil and Gas Industry

Technology around the globe is changing quite faster in today’s date. In the huge technological advancement world, IoT is the household name that is a boon for many industries such as water, transportation, oil & gas, etc. In this post, we will discuss in detail about how IoT is helping the oil & gas sector […]
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Artificial Intelligence: The Driving Force for Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is nothing but the function-rich tech gadgets that enables the equipment and machines in industries to seamlessly communicate and transmit the crucial data. The potential of machines to interact with each other with the help of present-day technology like sensors, eventually upsurge the overall proficiency and competence of the entire industry. Furthermore, it […]
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