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This Is Why Your Team Hates Your Project Management Tool

The ever-growing level of business competitiveness requires businesses to adapt to new conditions and set SMART goals continually. The achievement of these goals largely depends on how the team manages the involved tasks and processes and shares information. Thankfully, there are also modern project management tools that provide new capabilities to manage vibrant business processes […]
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Why You Need a Cancellation Policy and How to Create One

Sometimes people cancel their appointments or simply don’t show up. This is something you cannot avoid.  When people have nothing to lose, they can skip appointments freely. Maybe there is a serious reason or they just are not in the mood to go out. Or maybe they booked multiple appointments with different providers hoping to […]
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5 Secrets to Designing Offices that Boost Performance and Spark Innovation

It may seem like an obvious statement, but not everyone is aware that how your place of work is designed can affect productivity. Let’s consider a classic example: the cubicle. Rows upon rows of little grey boxes for employees to work in. With such a lack of diversity and uninspiring layout, it’s no wonder people […]
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Is Your Social Media Manager Good at Their Job? Here’s How to Know

A few years back in time, you might not even have heard the term “social media manager.” From its humble beginnings, social media has evolved into an increasingly inclusive sphere, connecting all areas of life and business. Social media has become the primary way customers view and interact with the company, and social media managers […]
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Understanding Plugins in WordPress: What You Need to Know

Plugins are highly specialized extensions that automate the management of WordPress website functionality. With their help, you can ease the content management on your website, booking operations, and increase SEO rates. Let’s discover more interesting facts about WordPress plugins. What are WordPress Plugins? The WordPress plugin is a software add-on designed to add additional functionality […]
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What it Takes to Shift to a Sustainability Mindset and Why It’s Worth the Effort

If a company fosters a sustainability mindset and makes it dictate its approach to business management, it leads to cost reduction, the formation of a new consumer base, and the development of talent in the organization.  A company that embeds a sustainability mindset receives a long-term goal that will be consistent with its core business […]
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5 Striking Snapshots of the Global Connected Car Revolution

Mobility has gone through several phases of evolution in the past century. Today globalization affects the industry in multiple ways. Digital transformation has enabled our cars to be connected, and many drivers are already enjoying the new features that come with this connectivity. Now over 60% of drivers receive calls through a vehicle interface and, […]
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6 Tips to Successful Market Research in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry market is large and growing. Automotive companies around the world are ready to leverage the latest trends and embrace digital transformation to improve engineering, design, manufacturing, and efficiency of vehicles, as well as reduce the negative environmental impact. Market research is a great tool that can help automotive companies determine where to […]
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Upcoming Trends in CAD/CAM: From an Automotive Industry Perspective

CAD or Computer-aided design is an essential part of the automotive development process. CAD-based models don’t only serve for designing the overall appearance of a vehicle, but also as a basis for configuration and module systems. They’re used for simulation and verification processes. Such products include structure-related information and can be adopted for DMU (digital […]
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5 Trends of Computer-Aided Design in Car Manufacturing

Not so long ago, all types of design or prototype were done manually. It made the development process very time-consuming, and we all know today every second is precious. That’s why there was needed an upgrade such as computer-aided design (CAD) software. No more manual drawing and sketching or building models out of clay. Now […]
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