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Principal Private Residence Relief Changes


Be Prepared For Principal Private Residence Relief Changes

What to expect from the Principal Private Residence Relief changes being introduced. What do you need to know about Principal Private residence relief and how do you claim a full relief? Principal private residence relief (PPR) is a tax relief that can be claimed on Capital gains tax (CGT) on the profits when you either […]
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Effective Teams Help Build Great Startups

How Effective Teams Help Build Great Startups?

The key factor behind the success of a startup business is a great team The dynamics of the startup industry are continuously changing in the 21st century, bringing with it more competition and the need for skilled resources. A startup is founded on the foundation of a strong team, starting with skilled co-founders and growing […]
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Tax Tips For Buy To Let Landlords


Tax Tips For Buy To Let Landlords

11 Tax Tips for Buy to Let Landlords 2019 Buy to let landlords need to understand that the business of buying and letting properties follows the principles of game theory. Players have to make rational decisions with a set of choices available to them, these choices will either impact the player’s overall strategy positively or […]
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Impact Of Poor Bookkeeping On Business Performance


Impact Of Poor Bookkeeping On Business Performance

How incorrect Bookkeeping can diminish the Performance of a Business Poor bookkeeping is likely to hurt your business in a number of ways regardless of whether the business is profitable or not. Besides the missed opportunities, your business can incur more running expenses or plunge you into a legal situation. Knowledge of bad accounting practices […]
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Attractive Remuneration Using An EMI Scheme


Attractive Remuneration Using An EMI Scheme

Designing an Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) Share Option Scheme Due to a growing number of creative startups across the globe, there has been a huge demand in requirements for skilled labor, employers want to hire and retain the best employees in the market. The market is full of millennials means that money is not the […]
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IR 35 Complete Guide


The Complete Guide To The Working Of IR-35

What is IR-35?     IR-35, also known as the payroll working rule, is a piece of legislation passed to ensure that contractors pay the correct amount in taxes and national insurance. It prevents workers from avoiding taxes by using intermediaries or middlemen. It also ensures that people who should be considered employees of a company […]
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The Art Of Buying and Selling A Business

The Art Of Buying & Selling A Business

Everyone starts a business with the intention of making a gain, this could be a gain in the form of profits or a gain achieved by selling your business. An astute entrepreneur always plans an exit strategy for his business, this makes investors confident about the business and assures that if required the business has […]
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Become an RMC Director


How Do You Become an RMC Director?

What you should know about becoming an RMC Director It doesn’t matter whether you have been asked to become a director or nominated yourself for the position, provided that you know exactly what it takes to become a director of a Residents Management Company (commonly known as RMC). Whatever the reason, it is important for […]
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2019 payroll rules


Payroll: Enforce New Rules for Payslips in 2019

Introduction to the new rules and guidelines on using this guidance From April 2019   New legislation has come into force from April 2019 requiring all employers to (a) furnish all workers with payslips who are on their payroll (b) show the hours worked and how the pay is variable depending on time worked once […]
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