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Startup and Innovator Visa UK

The non-European Economic Area nationals living in the United Kingdom can now enjoy the privileges of their EEA counterparts thanks to the new regulations that have been introduced in the United Kingdom by the Government. Non-EEA entrepreneurs and investors wishing to run their businesses in the UK have the opportunity to establish their business if they […]
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How Will Brexit Imapct Contractors and VAT?

44% of the contractors and freelancers in the UK do not think that Brexit will affect them. This data was gathered through a poll of 1,350 UK freelancers and contractors. It also showed that 18% of freelancers and contractors feel that Brexit will positively influence their business while 38% believe that Brexit will affect their […]
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Top 5 Business Trends 2019

1. Alternative lending will continue to grow Traditional Business Lending has been getting extremely complex over the years and is considered the hardest part when starting up a new business. This has forced startups to look for alternative sources of funding other than the traditional High Street Banks. 2018 saw a boom for alternative sources […]
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Block Management Service Charges Explained

Service Charge One of the things that leaseholders and landlords rarely come to terms with our service charges. The following article will explain the main provisions that have been set by the law.   What are the service charges? Landlords regularly provide plenty of services to buildings they own. Simply put, service charges make sure […]
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Sole Trader vs Ltd – the Tax Differences

Selecting the right business structure can be key for many reasons, such as scalability, taxes, cost efficiency, protection, growth, among many other reasons. Making sure you select the right foundation for the right reasons can end up being the key reason why your business succeeds or fails, this article looks at one aspect of this […]
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Business Brexit Checklist

Leaving the European Union will harbor change for all businesses regardless of size and sector in the UK. Many companies have already planned and made changes for the different challenges as well as opportunities that Brexit will bring. In fact, the Chambers of Commerce is under the belief that all businesses, regardless of how they […]
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Personal tax is the tax that you pay on your income. This tax is largely related to your employment, however, there are other types of earnings that can also be taxed and for which you may owe money to the well-known creditor HMRC. In this article, we run through everything you need to know about personal […]
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7 Strategic Accounting Tips to Boost Your Startup

Starting a business is hard work and while business plans, product development, and marketing are crucial, neglecting accounting needs can be fatal. Launching a startup requires a solid infrastructure which includes plans for marketing, operations and most importantly; accounting. If you aren’t a number cruncher, this can be a difficult task. A lot of startups […]
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How to Start a Business in the UK

How to Start a Business in the UK   Whilst starting up a business can be both daunting and exciting, it is important to keep a clear head from the outset so that the basic practical decisions you need to make support your business’s development.   In the UK businesses typically register as either sole […]
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