Shyam Bhardwaj

10 Steps Formula to Better Socialize Your Business

Today, on-an-average, seven out of ten Americans use social media platforms to connect with others, engage with newsworthy content, share the information and get entertained. According to the Pew Research Center study, back in 2005, it was just 5% of American adults who were using at least one of the social media channel, but today, […]
December 13, 2018 1,399 Reads share


5 Ways to Build an Epic Blogger Brand

Make it a daily habit to tweak your personal brand in every way possible. It’s fun, exciting and can make you a very successful (and kick-ass) blogger in the long run.
April 11, 2017 2,342 Reads share


How Important Is Page Speed To SEO?

I thought it would be helpful to look into this a little more to try and determine if there is a real and tangible correlation; does page speed really make a difference to search engine rankings?
February 8, 2017 2,112 Reads share