Sherley Alaba

A Comprehensive Guide to Tax Filing

Tax filing is mandatory in the incumbent days. As a citizen, it’s our social contract with the state to pay tax on a certain amount of direct and indirect taxes. Nobody appreciates across the world to the people who are not under the taxpayer list. There are a few essentials to learn before tax filing. […]
July 3, 2020 1,370 Reads share


Factors That Improve Your Business Loan Application

Whether you own a small business or an already established one, you always need to meet your financing requirements. Some people who have enough savings meet these needs through their funds, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a self-financing option. Most of the people then have to opt to apply for a business […]
April 24, 2020 2,315 Reads share
Future of Email Marketing


Future of Email Marketing is Not Bleak

Not very long ago, before the advent of social media tools, email marketing used to rule the roost. Then social media entered and completely changed the rules of the game. Businesses started using the new platform for advertising their products and services. Email marketing took the back seat but refused to disappear from the scene. […]
November 14, 2019 2,349 Reads share
Financing B2B Business


10 Creative Ways to Seek Financing For a B2B Business Today

So you have an excellent idea for your brand new B2B business and are sure of its success. You are enthusiastic about entering the market with your new product or service. However, one thing holding you back from taking the market by storm, and that is lack of financing. Sometimes, you do possess the capital […]
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Tips Investment Planning 2019

7 Amazing Tips for Investment Planning in 2019

Investment is a complex phenomenon. It is rightly said, “In investing what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” Many perceive investment as saving because earning a profit is not their priority. Usually, people invest in an open eye dream that their investment will always give them profits at a minimum risk factor. Unfortunately, this dream does […]
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Creative Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing

7 Creative Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing has become vital in today’s digitized world so it is necessary to keep up with its ongoing trends. Lagged behind, you will fail to grab your audience’s attention. According to Zazzle Media, about 60% of businesses struggle to produce content, while 65% find it challenging to create engaging content which causes them to […]
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