Sharekh Shaikh

Cash burn rate in startups

The Cash Burn Paradox in the Startup World

Every startup is obsessed with hyper-growth for which they have to burn cash. But is cash burn sustainable? Speak to founders and investors. Both will enthusiastically tell you cash burn is an investment. But let’s see how to test the waters when you think you’ve got a likely shot. As a startup founder myself, I’ve […]
August 2, 2021 400 Reads share

23 Best Practices To Negotiate Technology Contracts In 2021

Every year emerging technologies are being adopted and procured by companies. To say the least buying tech products and services with different, complicated business, pricing, and usage models has become a big challenge for CIOs, CFOs, Procurement & Sourcing teams. I hope that this checklist of terms and examples will help you navigate the negotiation […]
May 17, 2021 636 Reads share