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How can Marketplace Owner Manage Online Rental Store powered by Yo!Rent?

The concept of renting items is not a new idea but it has been around use for a long period and now many things are easily available for rent online, most searches things books, dresses, furniture’s, movies, cars, bikes, heavy equipment, clothes, party wears, home appliances, electronic gadgets, toys, medical equipment etc. are also increasing […]
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How to Launch a Profitable Online Grocery Store in 2019

With busy lives and hectic schedules, online shopping has become a life savior for a majority of consumers. Increased online shopping by tech-savvy consumers has led to an exponential rise in many online stores. As a matter of fact, brick and mortar stores have also entered the online eCommerce industry to stay in business. Grocery […]
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8 Best eCommerce Platforms to Launch Online Digital Product Selling Store

 “eCommerce is the elephant in the room” stated by Richard Stables, CEO of Kelkoo. Recent online trends and performance show that a fruitful move to eCommerce is possible for traditional high street retailers. No doubt selling online is the best way to grave wide market and multiply the revenue growth. ECommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart […]
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How to Choose Online Food Ordering System- Market Research, Stats and Solutions


Online Food Ordering Systems – Market Research, Stats and Solutions

Table of Content Statistics & Forecasting Revenue Model Marketplace or Technology Solution Hire Freelancers Website Builder Ready-made Solution Experts Recommendation   Are you planning to start an online business in 2019? It usually requires research to understand the trends, market needs, competition etc. Starting an online store might look like a difficult dream for all. […]
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