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Business and Human Rights, Poverty and Power: Bridging the Political Economy Gap

Contemporary globalization has made transnational corporations progressively more relevant to global governance and development practices as it has intensified investment and trade flows over time. The very field of BHR (Business-Human Rights) emerged to analyze the application of human rights standards within various corporations. While the International Human Rights Law is applicable for all states, some […]
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Don’t Make These 7 Student Loan Mistakes

Often students and their parents get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement and prospects for the future when it’s time to figure out what their college situation will look like. It certainly is exciting, and there’s no downplaying that. It’s the cumulation of years of hard work and dedication, getting into a good school, […]
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10 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

In general terms, your credit score determines whether you’re financially responsible or not. Your credit score is influenced by your spending habits and your ability to pay back the loan.
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Calculating Child Support Amounts in Arizona

The latest official records from Arizona tell us that 24, 430 people underwent the dissolution of marriage in 2017. This includes both, divorce and marriage annulments. While divorce is a pretty common occurrence in the United States—around 3 in every 1000 citizens as of 2017—the laws that govern divorce and child support proceedings vary from state to […]
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How to Start a Podcast the Right Way

Podcasting is finally getting its day in the spotlight. Nowadays, you can feed your ears with tons of podcasts, with topics that range from health and wellness, personal grooming, and career counseling to spirituality – and the list goes on. Over 60 million people listen to podcasts either at home or while commuting to and from […]
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Challenges Recruiting IT Software Professionals

The Challenges of Recruiting IT and Software Professionals

As the world is becoming more digitized, the demand for good IT and software professionals has slowly grown. IT professionals play a crucial role in the business from streamlining services to providing quality customer support services.
December 23, 2019 1,098 Reads share
Why You Should Consider Applying Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Personal Injury Settlement Loans – Why You Should Consider Applying?

Whether you slipped and fell at a business property or were involved in a car accident, personal injury lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming. When you are injured and can’t go to work, bills start piling up. As if the accident itself wasn’t distressing enough, your lawsuit would leave you even more helpless.
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Reasons Why You Should Start Early Retirement Planning

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Retirement Planning Early

Retirement planning means allocating a certain amount of earnings or savings to your retirement fund. Everyone has different reasons for why they want to retire. For instance, you may crave financial independence at a certain age or you want to go on a world tour after you retire or move to a more peaceful place […]
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Childcare App for Documentation and Better Parent Engagement

Why Use a Childcare App for Documentation and Better Parent Engagement?

Teachers are constantly looking for better ways to communicate with the parents of their students to keep them up-to-date on their children’s progress. While messaging, emailing, or sending notes were the traditional option for school teachers to keep parents in-the-know, the use of technologies such as childcare software makes it easier for school teachers and […]
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