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8 Truths Every Small Business Owner Needs to Hear

Whenever someone sets off on the fantastic journey that is owning a business, they do so filled with optimistic goals and ideas. Most business-owners-to-be dream of flexible hours, great profit margins, vacations whenever they want, and the satisfaction of finally doing what they want. However, once they start working to make that dream a reality, […]
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Offshoring Trends That Will Affect Your Business

Many companies are well aware of the benefits of outsourcing certain services such as manufacturing, customer service, web hosting, and software development. They include cost reduction, the ability to quickly ramp certain functions up or down, and allowing in-house staff to focus on core tasks. Once a business decides to outsource, however, it must also […]
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5 Tips for Hiring Great Employees in a Tight Labor Market

Smart business leaders know that hiring outstanding workers and keeping them happy is foundational for building a successful enterprise. BairesDev, a custom software development firm, is a perfect example of this strategy. As a result of its strong employee focus, the company has won multiple awards, including Inc. 5000’s list of California’s fastest-growing companies. While […]
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Why Do Companies Choose to Outsource Software Development?

When a company needs a new website, needs help to develop one for a client, or needs to keep on top of general website maintenance, it can be a bit challenging to decide how to manage these projects. Is it best to hire an in-house development team or go with software development outsourcing? The Benefits […]
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5 Things You Need to Run a Successful Business From Your Home

So you’ve finally decided to go alone. You’ve been “working for the man” for years and now it’s time to set up shop and enjoy working for yourself. To make this deal even sweeter, you’ve decided you’ll run your business out of the comfort of your own home. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? It is. […]
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How to Make Your Website Pop

Think your website is just a formality? Think again! Your site is the starting point for prospective clients on their customer journey. It’s also a vehicle for selling your services or products. With such goals, it makes sense that your website needs to stand out to keep people coming back for more. Making your website […]
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Complicated Relationship Between AI Climate Action

The Complicated Relationship Between AI and Climate Action

There’s no other way to put it: climate change is the biggest challenge we are facing right now. In fact, it might be the greatest threat mankind has ever had hanging above its head. Climate change is such a massive and complex issue that is compelling everyone to make profound changes and come up with […]
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Does Your Business Need an App


Does Your Business Need an App?

If your company is tech-forward, you might have not just a responsive website to demonstrate your online presence, but also a blog, active social media accounts, newsletters, an online store, and maybe even a podcast to keep customers informed. You may be thinking that the next logical step is to develop a company app. If […]
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Things To Know About Microsoft NET

7 Things To Know About .NET

A framework released by Microsoft in 2002, .NET has been used by countless developers around the world to build thousands of projects, both mobile- and web-based. With a library with plenty of pre-written code, an object-oriented programming (OOP) model, and a wide range of applications — from games to the Internet of Things (IoT) — […]
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Software Developers Can Improve Your Business

6 Ways Software Developers Can Improve Your Business

Today’s world is practically pushing all businesses to seek for software development – even if yours isn’t in the tech sector! It doesn’t matter if you work in finance, medicine, education, publishing, or any other industry. It’s becoming increasingly imperative to hire software developers who have the expertise to make your business a success, no […]
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