Sally Ofuonyebi


7 Winning Formulas For Writing A Headline That Converts

Remember that saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, your content is about to be judged by your headline. It’s all great to write insightful content but think about it. What if no one eventually clicks? The aim of every headline is to get the audience to read the content of the piece. […]
April 24, 2020 2,534 Reads share

10 Foolproof Ways to Network to Get Clients for Your Business

It is stressful enough running a business, and as compensation for such hard work, it is only fair that you get enough clients. How to land your first clients is the primary worry, and afterward, the struggle to consistently get prospects could set you off on a panic attack. The good news is…knowing how to network […]
March 9, 2020 1,936 Reads share