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How AI is Reshaping Restaurant Management

The restaurant business is one of the domains that evolves continuously. The tastes of consumers and their approach to dine in or dine out are changing rapidly. Toward this, an implementation of high-tech and right solutions in the system can help restaurant owners to stay on top amidst fierce competition. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one […]
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How AI is Transforming Magento eCommerce Stores?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already touching various facets of our day to day actions, and without even realizing, we’re relying on it more and more with each passing day. With virtual assistants into our smartphones like Siri, Smart Home applications, and Smart Cars, AI is undoubtedly a game-changer by apparently making old approaches old quicker […]
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7 Ways Big Data is Transforming Web Design and Development

With the advancement in technology, trends in the software development field are changing rapidly. Till the date, many new design & development strategies have been introduced and grown significantly as per the market demands. Among them, Big Data works as a game-changer. It helps users to extract actionable insights from a large amount of data […]
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Geolocation Android App Development – How Much Does it Cost

We are witnessing a surge in the location-based apps in today’s mobile-driven world. As part of it, organizations across domains such as transportation, retail, on-demand services, healthcare, entertainment, and more can leverage location-based app development. It can assist them in increasing their target customers and business revenue exponentially. According to Statista, over 242 million users […]
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Why Should You Upgrade to PHP 7?

PHP is one of the most used programming languages. It helps to create interactive websites and applications. More than 70% of websites today have PHP-based server-side programming. Moreover, PHP powers all WordPress sites. That means if you have a website built on using open-source technologies such as WordPress or Magento, the chances are that you […]
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Essentials of SharePoint to Drupal 8 Migration

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform that encompasses a wide range of capabilities. Organizations across domains today are using SharePoint for their document management, intranet portal, hosting services, and even web applications. Though SharePoint offers high scalability and varied usages, it has a few limitations when it comes to working as a custom content management […]
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Software Testing Challenges

Top 4 Software Testing Challenges And Their Solutions

Software testing and quality assurance services keep on evolving. These practices are the parts of the software product lifecycle. They help to check whether the developing or developed product matches the expected outcome. QA software testing eliminates the probability that the final product has errors of design and functionality. Software companies perform product testing either […]
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Comparison of Software Development Methodologies

Agile vs. DevOps: Comparison of Software Development Methodologies

A software development methodology is crucial for any SDLC process. It helps the project manager and teams to structure, plan, and control the software product lifecycle. As a result, they can provide efficient software development services and meet project requirements. Agile and DevOps are the most famous software development methodologies across companies. Both of them […]
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Legal Sector Is Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

How Legal Sector Is Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), in simple terms, can be defined as the machines or tools with intelligent behavior. AI has changed many industries across the spectrum by optimizing high-level tasks and increasing business revenue. That is why every domain, whether, manufacturing, marketing, or any other, has a place for AI technology in their work processes. Even […]
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