Ron Evan

How to Host a Productive Virtual Meeting

Meetings can be a real time sink, especially if they are not managed in an efficient way. Procrastination and thumb-twiddling can be increased even further in a virtual environment, where keeping all involved parties engaged is another challenge to tackle. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you host productive virtual meetings […]
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4 Data Strategies Every Business Needs to Consider

With so many potential approaches to managing the data needs of your business, choosing a single strategy and sticking to it can be taxing. Ultimately it makes sense to look at all the options available before you come to a decision, so here are just 4 strategies to compare in order to help you find […]
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3 Tips to Make the Best Marketing Report

A marketing report is a document that shows the performance and progress of your marketing campaigns to your clients (or bosses). The main purpose of this report is to determine if your marketing strategies are going in the right direction or if you need to make adjustments. If you have one chance to impress them, […]
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Giveaway Items That Can Leave A Good Impression On Customers

Getting your customers onboard and engaged with your brand and business is not always straightforward, but you can boost the impact of your promotional efforts if you choose giveaway items that people will actually enjoy. There are of course plenty of products to consider, so to help you narrow it down here are just a […]
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Ways to Get the Most Value From Competitor Analysis

Analysing the way that competitors handle marketing can give you valuable insights into how you can improve your own efforts to grow your business. Of course it is easy enough to say that you should invest time and effort in competitor analysis, but actually going about this in an optimal way can be tricky. Here […]
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