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Who Gets Paid if a Business Goes Bust

KSA Group has created an infographic to explain in simple terms the order of priority for paying creditors if you’re a company that’s going through insolvency.   For further information, please refer to the flowcharts below: Creditors ranking in terminal insolvency – PDF Creditors ranking in terminal insolvency – JPEG Secured creditors: At the top are […]
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Questions to Ask if You Want to Buy a Business in Trouble

The most important things first. • Be prepared to lose your investment! • Do not rely on buying an insolvent company as your only future income or investment • If it smells off it usually is! Save your money! Businesses in trouble refer to those in that are struggling to pay their debts, needing saving.  […]
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How To Turn Around a Failing Business

A host of reasons can cause a viable business to struggle financially, for example a change in management or tough new competition in the industry. Often it is the result of falling sales or the loss of a large contract.
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The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of LEGO – Brick by Brick

LEGO has been enjoyed by millions of children and families around the world for decades, yet the company behind the brand was on the verge of going bust in 2003. It’s hard to believe that such a ubiquitous product very nearly disappeared.
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How To Negotiate With The Tax Authorities

Problems can sometimes occur when a business has charged the taxes to the end customer but has not paid over the taxes to the authorities. Also the business may need to pay over taxes from employing people.
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6 Ways To Exit Your Business

What are the options if you want to exit the business and go and do something else or retire. What if it is insolvent?
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