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ailed Instagram Posts? Reasons and Solutions


Failed Instagram Posts? Reasons and Solutions You Need to Know

To make it online as a business, you must have realized the importance of social media and the magic it does when it comes to marketing. There are several social media accounts but some stand out more than others, you only have to find out which ones sell your idea better. Current statistics show that there are about 1 billion Instagram users globally. A lot of businesses to date have an active Instagram account they use to update their clients and even attract new ones. On such a platform, a simple mistake could cost you greatly. Your competition is most certainly online and you would not want to give them a loophole to manipulate by making a mistake online. Since Instagram has grown to be global as a digital marketing scene, getting Instagram promoters or experts can really help you cover miles online. They not only help you get your posts right but they help amplify your customer base and post meaningful content online. The following are among the most common mistakes that we do today that cause our Instagram posts to fail. Buying both Followers and Instagram Likes Too Lies have been churned up on the most effective technique of gaining followers on Instagram. People have gone to the extent of paying users to like their posts, well who are we fooling? This might have worked for an influencer you know but it is definitely not the hack you need to make it big online. The bribed-audience may never interact with your product or service in the way your natural audience would have. There will also be offside to the number of likes you get and the followers you have on your account. This is among the common mistakes businesses make every day and fail to get better results. Money can surely buy you everything but not in this case with your posts and followers. You can alternatively use high-quality content, catchy and HD pictures and conform yourself to Instagram marketing ethics to improve your fan base. No Link in Your Bio? Traffic matters in your business regardless of whether it is online or offline. How could you possibly make sales when you have no audience to sell to? That is the reason we strive to market our content to more people and audiences globally to improve traffic. No actual link in your bio is a mistake many businesses on Instagram do. Most businesses have overlooked the need for a call-to-action in their bio and that is where they go wrong. Create one or more call-to-action or links and include them in your bio. Help the Instagram users access more information on your business or services especially when they are specific in their searches. Remember different links on your bio improve your conversion rate online and more customers. Facts […]
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Why Personalization is the Future of B2C Content Marketing?


Why Personalization is the Future of B2C Content Marketing?

Can you remember the last time you received a marketing email that began with “Dear Sir/Madam”? It would probably have been when email had just become popular. Marketing has moved on from such generic communication and taken on personalized interaction. From the look of things, this is not just a passing trend, it is the […]
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How to Build an Online Sales Funnel to Grow Your Business?

There is increased competition for customers and many businesses resort to price wars in order to attract more customers. More shrewd businesses, however, have recognized the need for a more effective way to attract customers and retain them. This has led to increased use of a sales funnel. Customers today have a plethora of information […]
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B2B vs B2C Content Marketing: Key Differences

Content marketers often have to get to know the differences between their audience. When segmenting these audiences the terms Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) usually come in.   The way you market to these two groups is entirely different and it is important that you identify the differences so that your […]
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7 Ways Ignoring SEO Could Affect Your Business Badly

SEO sometimes is undervalued by a number of business owners, they may opt for PPC or social media as an alternative and sometimes they may even have figures to back their assertions. In theory, this may seem okay and your business may carry on without SEO, though there is a lot happening that you may […]
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10 Tips to Create Voice-Search Friendly Content

Google and Bing already agree that a big number of queries in their search happen through voice search. The search engines can now process natural language making it possible for users to speak words and syntax in normal conversations with their devices without using specific keywords and get information. Given that many people utilize mobile […]
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Personalized Marketing – Why Does It Work and How?

Marketers address you by your first name because they know that it is your sweetest sound to you. Promotional emails utilize personalization knowing well that it is a powerful tool to motivate you to take action. Target audiences click on emails that are personalized 40% more than they do to ordinary ones. Personalized marketing goes […]
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Digital Marketing


How Customer Service and Digital Marketing Can Work Hand-in-Hand

A few years ago, when digital marketing was not as big as it is now, there was no need for a company’s marketing department and their customer support to collaborate. However today, a company cannot become that successful if both these departments don’t work hand-in-hand. This is primarily because the channel where a company will […]
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