Priyanka Arora


Quality Approach :10 Actionable Steps to Implement It

The reference to “quality approach” is not new. But today it expresses itself in specific meaning, even technical, on many occasions and in many fields.¬†International standards are devoted to it, models, simple or less simple, are proposed about it.¬†The shelves of bookstores are cluttered with general works, introductory books, specialized books, … that claim to […]
March 28, 2019 187 Reads share

Twitter Communication: 6 Keys to Communicate Like a Pro

  As we have seen, Twitter offers many benefits to businesses. However, you must know how to use this network before seeing the benefits! Here are our tips for using Twitter as a brand or company. With the designation “Twitter”, that is to say, “twitter” in literal French, the social media service founded in 2006 […]
March 8, 2019 222 Reads share