Pravallika putha

5 Administrative Software’s for Modern Private Health Clinics

A hospital administration is often occupied with a number of day to day tasks. With the introduction of administrative software for health clinics, it has become quite easy for healthcare clinics to streamline operations and reduce healthcare costs as much as possible. The conventional modes of hospital administrative management are time-consuming, laborious and incur a […]
July 1, 2019 1,073 Reads share

Native vs Hybrid App Development – Guide for Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have become an integral part of businesses these days. They have become the major revenue generators for any business. Owing to the increased usage of smartphones, customers these days prefer to transact on the phones. As such to cater to the rising demand of mobile apps, there has been a surge in the […]
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10 Pros of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Gone are the days, where smartphones are just limited to calls and messages. The increased penetrability of smartphones coupled with the affordable data packs has extended the applications of smartphones. Nowadays mobile apps have become the epicenter of day to day transactions. A major chunk of the users prefers to carry online transactions at the […]
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