Pradeep Kumar

Launching Your Own Start-Up

Read This Before Deciding About Launching Your Own Start-Up

The startup culture has become an infamous trend, not just in the UK but the whole world. Entrepreneurs are finally able to give wings to their business ideas due to this uprising. While people were earlier forced to suppress their business ideas and thoughts at their workplace, they now have the liberty to get started […]
August 6, 2019 1,730 Reads share
Seven Tips to Borrow Good Amid Brexit Uncertainties


7 Tips to Borrow Good Amid Brexit Uncertainties

Just one year before, 52 % of British people voted in favor of Brexit, the historic mandate for leaving EU. Since then, speculations are being made about the impact of Brexit on the UK’s financial sector. The British households, the business community, and self professionals are eagerly watching each development concerned with their borrowing requirements […]
June 27, 2019 2,114 Reads share