Managing Changing Contact Information for Small Home Based and Service Businesses

  There are many issues that can develop as a result of a business or service professional being home-based. The reasons are many but for the most part, they can be summed up with the following: Initial customer perception of your business; Managing changing contact information as the business grows; Perception as a professional. One […]
February 7, 2019 963 Reads share


10 Apps to Help Sell Your Business

While you are organizing your team to help you maximize the profits from your sale, you can also use a variety of mobile apps to help organize and maintain each aspect of the process to sell your business.
August 18, 2015 3,623 Reads share


How To Apply For A Business Loan

If you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started with your business, then you will need to know how to apply for business loan.
September 29, 2014 2,541 Reads share


Questions To Ask When Buying A Business

You may be genuinely interested in buying a business, but are asking yourself how to buy a business and since common sense will tell you that this should never be a hasty decision, you still may feel that you really don't know where to begin.
June 11, 2013 1,965 Reads share