Paul Mullan


Job Hunting: It’s A Game Of Poker

The weekly card sessions, I played throughout my teens, bring back fond memories. Some would say a misspent youth, or time wasted, but I would say time well spent...
October 6, 2010 2,951 Reads share


Personal Branding: It’s not the end of Big Brother…

This autumn marks the end of the king of reality TV – “Big Brother”. What will the reality TV junkies do with all this new found spare time? No more late nights watching housemates sleep in their beds.
August 30, 2010 5,177 Reads share


Job Hunting Success: Learn How To Sell

I remember Bill Cullen telling a contestant “everyone is a salesperson”, during a series of The Apprentice. The last 18-24 months has served to emphasise his point. We have experienced...
August 19, 2010 3,562 Reads share