Nikko Marasigan


How to Distribute Your Business Cards The Right Way

Business cards have always been there to aid any company in more ways than one. It wasn’t created just to be used as a bookmark or as a scratch paper. People use them to spread the word about their upcoming or ongoing business, and to make sure that future clients will be able to contact […]
September 3, 2012 3,142 Reads share

Five Places Where Your Business Cards Should Go

Now that you have your business cards with you—all neatly laid out and beautifully printed—what will you do next? Your business cards hold the identity of your business, which are yet to be handed to your potential clients. But presentation is not only confined to the physical appearance of your business cards. In fact, it refers to a total package of creativity in appearance, as well as in marketing.
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Don’t Forget To Give People Your Business Card

Business cards can be distributed almost everywhere. They can also be given to almost anybody. Everyone out there is a potential customer to the business, so everyone is entitled to be aware of it
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Fly High With Flyers!

Let’s say a man is randomly handing out flyers in a park one Sunday afternoon. After politely looking at its content, the receiver will most likely do one of three things: (1) fold it and tuck it in his pocket, (2) crumple it and throw it away, or (3) use it to dispose his gum. […]
May 17, 2012 2,327 Reads share