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What Is the Google Knowledge Graph (and Does It Affect SEO)?

The knowledge graph is a semantic technology and knowledge base of the Google company that allows you to find not only narrow information about the requested object or phenomenon, but also various information regarding the requested object. In this technology, Google brings the search closer to human perception: if you ask a person what Jupiter […]
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Content Marketing in 2021: What Will Work and What Won’t

People engaged in internet marketing have to keep track of what content resonates with their audience. Knowledge of trends helps to build a successful strategy for the company for the next year. When a marketer or copywriter understands what information product to create, it is easier to achieve the goals set by the business. Content […]
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The 5 Groundbreaking Video Trends To Watch Out For

Over the past years, video form has become the hottest trend when it comes to the world of digital marketing. There are various benefits over the text form, which seems to be uninspiring to people. They don’t want to be excluded in this type of experience, but rather engaged, and further provided with some content. […]
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How to Start Your Own Brand from Scratch in 7 Steps

Starting a business and starting a brand are not one and the same thing. You see, your brand is not a physical identity that has a tax ID number, business infrastructure, etc. What your brand is, is an idea. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when people think about your business. Here, you […]
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Improving Your Brand Visually


3 Things to Keep in Mind When Improving Your Brand Visually

Having a strong visual identity has become increasingly important in today’s day and age. The sheer fact that we’re highly ’visual’ beings shouldn’t be neglected by any means – this just goes to show you that you need to pay the utmost attention to these details, especially in the business world. You should keep in […]
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Web Design Psychology Hacking Into Customer Experience

Web Design Psychology: Hacking Into Customer Experience With Art And Science

Getting into the minds of your customers is never an easy task. You have to figure out many different ways you can gain an advantage over the competitors while simultaneously appealing to people who often time have very dissimilar or even disparate personas. That’s why psychology can be regarded as both science and the art, […]
September 6, 2019 1,938 Reads share
Trends That Will Shape Up the Future of Architecture

Emerging Trends That Will Shape Up the Future of Architecture

Architecture is a concept that is as old as the first human settlements. Still, over the years, it turned into much more than just shelter-building. Throughout history, through various influences, it has evolved into one of the most recognized and esteemed forms of art. Needless to say, this evolution of architecture lasts until this very […]
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how to master local seo

How to Master the Art of Local SEO To Rank Your Local Business

For anyone actively managing online marketing, SEO is not an easy task. Managing our local business has gotten a lot more complicated with the advent of the Internet and an atomized and highly-competitive market. Local and other geographically non-specific SEO are completely different from each other, not accounting for the very basics. The latter tends […]
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