Nellie Akalp

What Is a DBA and Does Your Business Need One?

In the course of running your business, you’ve probably encountered more legal fine print and formalities than you ever thought possible. In this post, we’ll break down the Doing Business As (DBA) to see if your business needs one. What Is a DBA? In the U.S., a DBA lets the public know who the real owner of a […]
January 20, 2014 1,158 Reads share


How To Ask For Customer Reviews Without Alienating Your Customer

No amount of advertising, tweeting, or direct mail can impact customers the way a customer review can. That’s because in the era of social media and online reviews, it’s not what you say about your business that matters; it’s what others say about your brand.
October 4, 2013 5,871 Reads share


Protecting Your Personal Assets: Your #1 Goal As A Business Owner

For many of us, starting a business comes with a ton of challenges. How will we make enough to cover our expenses? Where will we find new clients? How will we clone ourselves to get the work done? There’s so much going on, we often overlook one essential task on our to-do list: to protect our personal assets
September 27, 2013 2,572 Reads share