Muhammad Umair Azam


5 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is probably the biggest social media platform after Facebook at the moment with a monthly active user base of 700 Million. Amazed right? And what we will tell you next will surprise you more. According to research, people on Instagram are more likely to buy a product they see on Instagram rather than on […]
February 21, 2019 2,390 Reads share


2015: The Year When Ridesharing Crushed the Taxi [Infographic]

“We can’t advertise in our taxi to make a couple extra dollars. We can’t do a lot of things in our taxis to increase our earnings because of the Parking Authority’s regulation. Meanwhile, they’re not regulating Uber and Uber X and Lyft.” This is a rant by a taxi driver protesting against Uber and Lyft […]
February 15, 2016 3,005 Reads share