Ram Duriseti

Best Practices for Small Business Cyber Security: Ram Duriseti’s Definitive Checklist

There are several reasons why small businesses are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks; lack of awareness, time, and budget, a dearth of expertise and employee training, using outdated security programs, and failing to secure endpoints being the most important ones. To avoid being a victim of cybercrime, small business owners can implement the following best practices: […]
July 24, 2020 477 Reads share


Types of Debt Instruments and Why Should You Invest in Them?

In a volatile world, it is the responsibility of every individual to secure himself and his family in financial terms. In the financial world, there are many instruments created for a retail investor to invest. Some instruments have high-interest rates of return, and hence such devices are riskier than the ones with a lower. But […]
November 6, 2018 3,192 Reads share