Miten Shah


How to Monitor Someone’s Phone

In today’s digital era, a smartphone is the best way to track or spy on anyone. Most of the daily chores can be performed on phones nowadays be it banking, booking a cab or movie tickets, and shopping for clothes or grocery. Everyone uses smartphone nowadays and this makes easy to track anyone anytime. And […]
February 20, 2019 3,638 Reads share


Cool Link Building Tips for Your E-Commerce Site

Fetching links for an e-commerce website is as grueling as searching for the lost pin in the heaps of hay. Nobody is really interested in getting linked to a page that focuses on product selling. But how about transforming that product page to something special and making it way beyond a mere product page? Here […]
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Five Reasons to Use Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development

A current-day mobile market shows explosive growth with the worldwide sales of mobile devices that are predicted to reach 2.1 billion by 2019. The ongoing mobilization inevitably boosts mobile app creation, and the market demand for them is expected to outstrip fivefold the service providers’ development capacities. Mobile application building is thus a gold mine […]
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How to Keep a Close Eye on Someone’s Cell Phone Activities

How many times have you felt tempted to sneak a peek into someone’s cell phone? Forget temptation –you definitely have wished at some point or other that you could keep a close eye on your kids’ cell phone activities. Well, with the number of cyber anomalies increasing day by day, it really makes a lot […]
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