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Why Your Office Needs a Ping Pong Table

Healthy Workplace: Why Your Office Needs a Ping Pong Table

Studies have shown that promoting sporting activities in the workplace not only keeps workers healthy but improves productivity. Researchers at Loughborough University (UK) have found that not only does offering sporting opportunities in the workplace boost employee health, but it also benefits team functioning and organizational productivity. The study reveals that healthier employees not only […]
June 24, 2019 288 Reads share

DIY vs Online vs Attorney – Who Do You Use for Incorporating

Are you in a situation where you know you need to incorporate but are not sure how should you go about it? Well, you’re not alone. I come across the same question again and again (for the record am a Business attorney!). So, there are a couple of ways you can incorporate, as you may […]
February 13, 2019 362 Reads share