Melody F Stern

European Merchant Bank’s Dedication to Delivering Innovative Fintech Products

If you’re a European business owner of a financial institution and you need a safe and secure banking service, then European Merchant Bank might just be the best option for your needs. EMBank is a relatively new bank, but it’s already making a name for itself in the European financial circles. The bank deals with […]
February 8, 2021 634 Reads share

How Ozan is Able to Attract and Keep Top Talent

From giving exciting training opportunities, new tech solutions to work with, and volunteering options, there are a lot of ways Dr. Ozan Ozerk attracts top young talent and keeps them within the company. The founder of the Ozan startup said that money is essential, but it isn’t the key factor employees consider. To hire the […]
January 27, 2021 1,406 Reads share

Lawyer Bobby Gill on Top 5 Trends in Business

Access to technology has changed the way we function on a daily basis. Some countries have simply progressed quicker than others. As Tech Nation reports, in the United Kingdom, the technology sector is expanding more than 2.5X faster than the rest of the economy. While technology has a major impact on the way we conduct […]
November 7, 2020 1,115 Reads share

Small Business Owner? Here’s What You Need to Know About Auditing

Auditing is an examination of the financial reports of an organization or business. The purpose of auditing is to provide confidence in the accuracy and legitimacy of the accounting reports. Do you own a small business, but are unsure whether you need auditing? Keep reading! Accounting vs. Auditing To put it simply: Auditing is a […]
May 14, 2020 1,679 Reads share