Melissa Wyatt

Business Process Outsourcing: What Banks Need to Consider!

In today’s modernized epoch where customer requirements keep on changing every next day, keeping up with expectations is tough! Nevertheless, companies can keep a check on small details to meet requirements on time. What are they? Well, companies offering outsourcing services need to keep a check on some crucial aspects. Since the market is full […]
November 24, 2020 773 Reads share

The RPA Advantage for Call Center Outsourcing Firms

Call center operations are all about agents working on multifarious verticals 24X7 to attain customer satisfaction. When we talk about call center outsourcing companies, the first thing that comes in mind is an outsourcing call center firm that handles secondary responsibilities that businesses are unable to handle in-house like Customer Support, Call Answering, etc. Call […]
September 4, 2020 990 Reads share

Using Metrics to Define Inbound Call Center Agent Productivity

Customer service is supreme, which is why most companies today take their customer satisfaction very seriously. Since customers have numerous options in the market and they can switch to another provider anytime, thus companies take their services very seriously. After all, who would like to lose a loyal partner or a potential lead to the […]
August 5, 2020 1,545 Reads share

Tips to Avoid Agent Attrition in BPOs

Agent attrition has always been an issue for business process outsourcing companies. Call centres often face staff attrition, and there have been talks speculating the reason for increasing employee attrition. Well, we all know that a call centre company has a monotonous work environment and this is one big reason why the staff does not […]
July 3, 2020 1,641 Reads share

How Chatbot Services Are Changing the Definition of Customer Service?

Each business tends to upgrade the means and mediums of customer service, in order to retain its potential customer for a longer span of time. The emergence of the latest development in the field has brought recent technologies on the desk of the common man. Several organizations are utilizing the chatbot services to ease the […]
March 30, 2020 1,243 Reads share