Marta Jordan

Why Executive Headhunters Are Crucial For C-Suite Hiring

One of the best investments large businesses and organizations can make is choosing to outsource their C-suite hiring to an established retained search firm with an experienced team of executive headhunters. This avoids the time-consuming and often stressful process of handling hiring executive talent in-house. When searching for C-suite and executive-level talent, making just one […]
February 5, 2021 284 Reads share

Understanding the Difference Between Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

Most often people tend to make mistakes while understanding terms like “data lakes” and “data warehouses.” Let’s make these terms simpler for you. Both data lakes and data warehouses help store massive chunks of data – simply said they’re used as a storehouse for data. However, both terms are quite different from each other. Not […]
November 18, 2020 514 Reads share