Top Challenges Faced by Online Grocery Businesses and Their Possible Solutions

The online grocery delivery business is a massive one, accommodating each and every new player in the industry. The rising trend of online grocery shopping has skyrocketed the demand for online grocery app development. More and more entrepreneurs are attracted to the business model. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the call to “stay home and stay […]
December 2, 2020 2,269 Reads share

Why Does a Smart Grocery Business Need an App-Based Offering?

The last few decades have seen a mighty shift in the consumer’s shopping behavior. The paradigm shift was from brick and mortar stores to shopping from an online mobile application. While we have almost mobile apps for every service we need at the comfort of our home, the grocery stores are now switching to online […]
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How to Develop an App and Business Model Like Ubereats

“Your order arrives in just 30 minutes, or complete refund.” The catchy tagline of many online food delivery companies is enough to grab the attention of the foodies. Now, it’s just so convenient to sit back at home and order food in only a few clicks, and before you can imagine, your food is at […]
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How to Build an App Like Uber: The Complete Guide to Set up a Successful Online Taxi Business

Uber’s business model is changing the traditional way of doing business. Multiple taxi service providers have revolutionized their manual ride-hailing services by adopting modern methods of managing taxi bookings. If we look ten years back, when smartphones and on-demand taxi services were not in trend, we didn’t think that the taxi booking app will gain […]
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Taxi App Development: E-Hailing Companies Venture Into Potential African Market

When planning to venture into any business and making it a million-dollar affair, it’s crucial to take the location where you are operating into consideration. The concept holds true when you are into the mobility business, whether you are a new player or experienced one pondering to expand your taxi business to different geographical locations. […]
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