Malcom Rogers

Tips To Consider Before Outsourcing Quality Assurance to Call Centers

Are you aiming to achieve the highest C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction) among peers or consumers? Are you sure that all the calls or queries in the queue are answered with minimum average handling time (AHT)? Does your Net Promoter Score (NPS) fall behind that of competitors?  To know that your call center is delivering the best […]
September 10, 2020 1,404 Reads share

How to Solve Common JavaScript Errors

One of the most popular and long-running programming languages in the world, JavaScript is largely used to build interactive and dynamic web pages. This server- and client-side language is known for being versatile and easy to use and learn. If you’re attempting to implement JavaScript in your projects without the assistance of experts (, you […]
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Why Choose Python for Software Development Projects?

From Java and JavaScript to C++ and PHP, there are many different programming languages available for developers to choose from when it comes to developing software. However, there is one language that ranks among the top favorites in the development community and has done so since its release: Python. Thanks to the programming language’s numerous […]
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Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit?

Thanks to software developers like those at BairesDev, numerous apps can help you get along in Hawaii. DaBus2 provides accurate transportation information, Hawaii Revealed offers no-nonsense reviews, and Hawaii Happy Hours tells you where and when to get the best deals on food and drinks. But no app can tell you in advance which Hawaiian […]
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