Lisa Smith

Top 10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Through Web Design

The birth of e-commerce started a radical shift in the way people shop. All around the world, the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and is taking over the business game. Most companies without an online platform are suffering a significant loss of customer and profit since e-commerce is becoming a highly preferred industry […]
March 21, 2020 985 Reads share
Construction Organizational Chart Examples

Construction Organizational Chart – 7 Examples and Samples

Every organization has a number of employees in it, be it a small one or a large conglomerate. The number of employees is divided into various departments and they are required to report to someone every day for instructions. It is always beneficial if such a hierarchy is put in black-and-white for the benefit of […]
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Tips For Using Fonts In Typography

All of us at one point in time have come across a certain style of font that made the ordinary text appear attractive and pleasing to the eye. This transformation is made possible with the use of typography. Nowadays, typography is used in every industry from documents to advertisements to promotion to packaging to book […]
December 2, 2018 1,518 Reads share
Financial Plan to Retire in Your Thirties


Retire With a Million in Your 30’s – Lessons To Learn For Millennials

There is no other time in history where it is easier and quicker to become a millionaire during one’s lifetime. The news is filled with self-made thirty-something (or even younger) millionaires who developed software programs, invented something useful, or started successful businesses. It all starts a comprehensive financial plan. And the greatest thing is that […]
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