Lexie Lu

8 Ways to Determine if Your Small Business Is Prepared for Q3

The third quarter of the year is known to be a difficult one for most businesses. The excitement of summer is past, and people aren’t quite ready to start holiday shopping. Making sure you bring in money and save funds in Q3 may mean the difference between success and failure for some companies. Increasing sales […]
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The Ultimate Guide to USPs

There is a magical element to every business called the unique selling proposition (USP). Understanding what drives people to your brand rather than another is a big part of developing your USP and your branding strategy. If you haven’t thought about what makes your company different than your competitors, now is an excellent time to […]
April 21, 2020 79 Reads share

10 Offline Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Overlook

We live in a digital age where it seems every marketing department focuses on social media promotion and online strategies. However, there is still a place for offline efforts. While a television commercial might be out of your budget right now, many other marketing tactics work wonders for building your brand name. In a study […]
March 7, 2020 249 Reads share