Keira Rose

Why Cloud Computing Strategy Could Be Business’ Success Elixir?

Big Data, AI, and Cloud—The Big 3 and the heart of today’s Industry 4.0 age. These three technologies have inspired an explosion of new age firms disrupting every industry we can think of! Be it retail, e-commerce, construction, IT, logistics, consumer electronics, fashion, or more, the conjoined e-spear headed by the Big 3 has helped […]
April 4, 2019 55 Reads share

Basics of Every Door Direct Mail

According to a recent report released by the Postal System of United States, the aim of every door direct mail (EDDM) is to allow corporations and small businesses to send a direct mail to a mailbox within a specific area. This area can be specified with the help of Zip code or radius around an […]
February 11, 2019 99 Reads share